Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Cat scrapping

Finally able to get scrapping the cat photos I got. Just loved this photo of Sam's paw dangling over the edge of the sofa. The title was obvious, Sam Cat, as that is how we knew him, a lovely ginger cat. The kit is just lovely, everything coordinates, and designs on the papers are just fab. Just one tiny gripe, the letters, you never get enough of them! I got one capital 'm' and one small 'm' - a few more would have been nice. But had a lovely time, if extremely messy, managed to spread my stash out over 3 rooms - kitchen, living room and bedroom! Table looked like a bomb had hit it - but who cares, I called it creative chaos.

It was also a distraction from waiting for my mechanic to call to say whether the car had got thru the retest. It did, but Gary being Gary, the man can talk for England... it was ages before I could track him down to get the good news. He did tho bring the car back - good job as it was raining heavily. But car is now purring happily, she also has a nice new wing mirror, all speeds on her wipers now work properly, with wipers going to rest where they should and not in middle of windscreen. Have no idea what the damage is finanically, I reckon about £200, for the test, retest and service. I do have a car fund, just put a few quid by every week, mostly for the MOT, think it should just about cover the bill.

Also got last bit of my QVC craft day goodies, I used two of them on the above pic, sticky jewels or Diamond Stickers. They're really lovely, think they'll add a nice finishing touch to the cards, and exploding boxes.

There is a mini craft day next week, probably just as well that I'll be back at work! Got a feeling that the TSV will have something to do with scrapbooking as Rosemary Merry will be there for the launch at midnight. Will see what it is, whether I like it and need it, and if I can afford it - tho pay day isn't that far off!

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