Saturday, 26 January 2008

Be glad when January is over!

This is my effort for my monthly card swap, the theme was 'historical' which nearly made me feel hysterical! But managed to get there thanks to my determination to sort out my stash. During the sort out found some scrapbook paper which had old stamps on it, then unearthed the chipboard embellishments, and... voila - a card! The theme had stumped me, then I had an overload of ideas, but none really took my fancy, then a mental block and finally... phew, got there.

At least I didn't resort to buying anything, just used up my stash. It was a case of 'bang, bang' that will do, as I was fed up of thinking about it. Now got to get my head round making two cards for my 5 year old nephew, he is obsessed with cars and Chester Zoo... So a zoo and car theme, just need to find some suitable zoo die cuts. Oh and some pre cut pop up cards... had a bash but... brain was not in gear at all. May have another go, then again if i find any on a site... I'll buy them.

Think this horrid month has finally got to me. Don't much like January, my father died on 9th of January in 1986. This year started badly. I have cleaned for a family since 1995, took over from my mum, I was a student and it was some much needed cash. But if you work for someone for that long, well you get to know them, and they you. I am treated like part of the family, I know them all, viewed their wedding photos, got to know the grandchildren etc. So when I tipped up just after New Year the last thing I expected to be told was that the grandmother of th family had died just after Christmas, while she hadn't been in terrbily good health, she had not been at death's door. The following week I was told that the daughter (of the lady clean for) had heard that her close friend's cancer had returned, and was now terminal, she was expected to live for only a few months. I went yesterday to find that the friend had died last weekend... Funny how life comes into sharp focus, how all the petty stuff slips away... tho you feel anger for those who are being petty-minded.

Then today, I got to work, and my colleague told me that her surviving dog, Cheeky - much loved, had also died last weekend. I knew how much this little dog had meant to my friend, she'd lost her other dog last year to cancer. She was devastated, I knew how she felt, I'd lost my much loved moggy Mufti, and it is devastating. Think what I was feeling was a culmination of an awful month, we both had lumps in our throats, did some much needed reminiscing... our Saturday kid was an absolute trooper, patiently listening to us old fogeys, but offering her consolation (and restoring our faith in the youth of GB).

I will be glad when January fades away, hopefully February will be much better.

I offered to make my friend an exploding box of her two dogs, she was thrilled with the idea. It is the very least I can do, as she is a very special lady, someone you know you can lean on, depend on and who will be there for you. The kind of person we all need in our lives...

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