Sunday, 20 January 2008

A lazy Sunday....

Got up late - again! Dashed off to supermarket, hate supermarket shopping, the place is full of dozy shoppers - look, the point of shopping is to get it over with, quickly and without pain! I hate the idiots who stop right in front of you, park their trolley in middle of the aisle while they peruse the various types of marmalade! Or worse those who meet up with friends and so block the aisle while they chat! It should be like Ikea, and you HAVE to follow the yellow line, no veering away from it. Alls I wish to do is get in, get round and get out! Oh and I hate the thoughtless types at the checkout, who don't move their trolleys out of the way, who dispute price of everything, who use umpteen bags to pack their shopping - use the bags for life! And who leave half the shopping at the end of the belt, and expect you to load it on to the belt for them. I watched with growing annoyance, a woman with two kids, she had the 'car' trolley, which she parked at an angle between the checkouts, person in front of me had already ask her to move it, then she pulled it back to same position! She was grabbing umpteen bags to pack her shopping.... it is your kids lady who will have to suffer the consequences of your selfishness! Then she argued about a box of cereal, not healthy cereal, the stuff loaded with e numbers and sugar! And I bet she was driving a gas guzzler as well!

Home to a bacon butty... have 'Sunday lunch' in week, on a day when I can really enjoy it, as in after a hard days work. Browsed papers, did a crossword, then... got out the scrapbooking stash. Well actually before that I got out the LMC mag... wondered whether to buy it, didn't want it's craft mag sister, not into jewelry making. Wish now I'd left LMC on shelf! I got out the mag, saw a waterfall card, so decided to make one. Now what I love about LMC is that you get a lot of stuff, cards, stash etc, what I hate is when they then ask you to start cutting up cards.... Nor was I that taken with the stash, seen it all before, I can see that a new crafter would get a lot out of it - as I did when I first bought it. But for an intermediate crafter.... not sure it cuts the mustard any more. My first LMC mag was 2006, the Xmas issue and I was blown away by it and the quality of the materials... I did wonder if they would keep it up, in my opinion they didn't, standards did slip with the card stock and stash... so I stopped buying it, I did get the last Xmas issue, but was I am afraid - disappointed. It was nowhere near the standard of the previous year. It is a good magazine for the occasional card maker, or a newbie... but I don't think I'll be buying it again. Same with the crafting mags, I'm a card maker cum scrapbooker, and that is what I look for, scrapbooking ideas, hints etc, same with card making.

Put LMC away, got out my QVC scrapbook TSV, and scrapped, result is above! Not all of it came from the QVC kit, the page didn't, nor the matting card, the rest did. The page is of my nephew Michael, when he was abut 3, he had such a sense of fun, and the most infectious laugh, we always were trying to amuse him so he'd start laughing, then we'd have to join in - he had the most delicious laugh! The photos tho don't show his trials and tribulations, he couldn't talk, he had problems with his teeth, jaw and adenoids, even now you have to 'tune' in to him when he speaks. Later we learned that he was dyslexic, he hated school and seemed to have a bleak future. My sister dragged him to the job centre after he left school and ordered him to find a job! He chose a trainee chef job, and hasn't looked back. I was thrilled for him when he finally found something he was good at! I could relate to that feeling (bet a lot of crafters can?) He's been head hunted for a few jobs, which has boosted his confidence. Oh he still drives me nuts, has got into difficulties money wise, but he is a loving, giving and fine young man. I love him for what and who he is. One day I hope he will find a nice wife and have the family he so longs for.

And.... tomorrow is Monday :-( And I'm in work.... not a good combination!

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Tassie said...

Those car-trolley's should be banned. Seriously, if you can't get you kid to behave without a novelty that annoys every other person in the shop, then leave them at home.

Oh, and I vere off the yellow line at Ikea so I can get to what I want quicker, lol.

Hope you have an okay day at work tomorrow!