Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A day off and the sun shone!

Well the sun came out briefly, but it was nice to see it, and to have a dry day. Sadly tho I was in slob mode, didn't feel like doing much at all. First there was craft outlet on QVC, well you have to don't you, just in case there is something! Next people came to measure our windows, I'm not holding my breath, so far they've come three times to measure for a new front door... Just wish they'd hurry up, kitchen really does need decorating, as does my bedroom.

Finally got motivated around 3 pm, and unusually for me decided to craft in my bedroom, needed to scan and print photos, so it did seem logical. I prefer not to use original photos, some also need a bit of tweaking as well. But had fun with this, tho it is pretty simple in LO terms, it is a photo I found during last weeks declutter, taken one Christmas at my sister's place, not sure whose 'arm' it is, was going to crop the photo, but didn't look right, so the arm had to stay! But it is amazing what you find if you have a good rummage, didn't think I had any peachy paper, but I did, then just cut up a brown card to make the frame, did crop the photo using one of the cookie cutters in photoshop, then cut it out. More rummaging and found my acid free silicone glue! Then the lettering, I really am getting a bit short on some letters, as in 'e, a,' which you need loads of, and never get! I'll have to settle at the robo and just cut out some sheets of alphabets.

Was a bit peeved to hear that some people had already received their stuff from QVC. I live just a few miles from the warehouse, but have to wait a full week before I usually get a delivery! Really could have done with the chipboard stuff today, need the jewels for some cards and exploding boxes, and of course the cat scrapbook! Be nice if it came tomorrow... well I can dream!

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