Friday, 18 January 2008

Love Fridays

Love that feeling of: I don't have to go to work! Tho do have to go do my cleaning job, but only for the morning. Today I waved goodbye to my old PC (it served me well), now it is off to serve the CAB, may it live long and do good work! Must look at what else can be freecycled, great way to get rid of what you think is junk and others see as treasure.

And can't wait for midnight, noooo, nothing to do with full moons and such, tis QVC's Craft day! 24 hours of crafting, bliss. And weather forecast is foul, lots of rain, wind and it will be cold, so a perfect day to stay glued to TV. There are quite a few scrapbooking slots, and a special Papernation slot - love their stuff. Still got a bit of Christmas money, and just been paid... :-)))

Not one bit of crafting today, had to go in search of new lighting for kitchen, and then got a new table and chairs for kitchen! Did get the new lights, BiL has offered to climb into loft to unbolt old strip lighting and install new lighting. Price is - Sunday lunch in a nice pub. Fair enough.

But will be getting out the stash tomorrow, have to come up with an historical card for a card swap, do have one idea, but not sure if I like it anymore. Have got the prospect of making a new baby exploding box, and possibly a baby's first year scrapbook for a colleague at work, she will be a grandmother in June. Don't often get the chance to do stuff for children, so it will be a nice change. Then want to get stuff together for my next scrap challenge, favourite TV show, well why not?! Thought it would be fun. Deadline is ages away, but who cares, just love to scrap. Which reminds me, got to get some cat papers for my pages on Mufti. Funny finding her photos, the one of her flat on her back made me laugh, that's what she would do when she wanted to be combed, which she loved, specially her tum! Or if I waved the comb she would roll over onto her back, legs akimbo, purring in anticipation. She could be a haughty cat, everything on her terms! Tho her night time routine always made me smile, she'd start off in the living room, curled up on an armchair, then she'd wait for my light to go out (don't ask me how she knew, she just did), then she'd set off down the hall, check the bathroom, and then the cloakroom - why she did I have no idea, in fact one night she nearly gave herself a heart attack, as she prised open the door something fell down! Then she'd pad down to my room, wait outside the door for a minute then barge in, sit in middle of floor then launch herself at the bed, always landing on my feet, then up she'd come, poke her nose over the duvet to check it was me, then curl up beside me. I'd be woken by a gentle tap of the paw, which if ignored would be a great wallop next time, she'd give her her sweet look - as in 'feed me, NOW!' Once fed she would return to bed!

She was tho 'my' cat, and made that quite plain to everyone, she knew when I would be on the way home, knew when I'd parked up outside, and would be waiting for me at top of stairs. Not sure how but one day I left to pick up new car, and leave old one at garage, so back I came in my new car, and still she knew it was me! I do miss her, tho I think she is still with me, I do still hear the cloakroom door being opened at night, not every night, but now and then, and the sound of her padding down the hall... you were a special moggy Ms Mufti and will never be forgotten!

Oh, that's her, supposedly hiding behind the Christmas tree, not sure if she was waiting for Santa, or checking to see if there was a present under the tree for her!

Have a good and dry weekend

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