Thursday, 3 January 2008

It's sooooo cold!

Was half expecting to find the car covered in ice, but fortunately it was a frost free zone. But that wind was biting.... managed to reach parts that really shouldn't be reached. Was really thankful that the heating at work had been fixed, was lovely and toasty in there - in fact so warm we had to open some windows, but we daren't ask them to come back an alter the temp, as last time they did the heating went off. So we have to put up with either a hot house or ice box.

Ordered my new computer last night, had hummned an arrhed for long enough, sale was going to finish next week so I took the plunge. So I should have an all singing and dancing PC this time next week... who knows, I may even be able to view the thumbnails on the CB forum! Still can't, have no idea why, and obviously nor has anyone else. I could view them before all the changes and now I can't. I can't not say that it doesn't spoil things, cos it does, I can't see any images at all, so have no idea of what folk are talking about.

It's my day off tomorrow, and I'll be catching up with some scrapbooking challenges, I sort of got a little bit too involved with the exploding boxes over Christmas, and with the rest of my QVC TSV kit! Think it is one of the best I've ever bought, I've had such fun with it, nice kit but they cleverly have left enough room for the buyer to use their own imagination. Tho wasn't grabbed by anything last Tuesday, then had a mini sort out of stash, discovered stuff I had forgotten I had! Got a few things in the sale at Smiths, so going to have a proper sort out of papers and card. I do need a few more embellishments, and some more perfect pearls, love the set I treated myself to, now want more colours! Also want to really get to grips with Craft robo, see how I can really exploit it.

By end of this month I wish to have waived goodbye to my big shot, and any other wishful thinking type craft stuff I bought and have either never got to grips with or never used, and off loaded other useless junk that is taking up space.

Tired now, full day at work, odd, read my horoscope it said I'd be handing in my resignation between 22nd Jan and 7th Feb.... what do they know that I don't? I'm not a happy bunny at work (anyone watching me dealing with our big boss the other day would have plainly seen how little respect I have for her and the daft plans she has for our library service), but not got anything lined up, and am not daft enought to quit without another job to go to. Mmmmm, we'lll see what happens!

Must add I enjoy working with my colleagues, they are a great bunch of people.... tis the idiots in charge that I have no time for.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be able to add a few pics of crafting exploits! Tho probably best to make that Saturday.... creativity takes time, need my mulling period!

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