Thursday, 31 January 2008

Winter has arrived

Thought this card fitted the bill! Tho it was far too windy for umbrellas. I was happy to stay indoors, even tho I had to do some decorating. I had to somehow repair the kitchen ceiling, the old light fitting had left a horrible mark, so I'd some special and really thick ceiling paint, it was like painting with polyfilla, but it did the trick. Also painted one wall, the fridge/freezer got moved and got a good wash, hoover... now why is she only decorating half the kitchen I can hearing you thinking? Well I live in a council flat, and we're getting new windows sometime soon, so seemed daft to paper round window, plus they're also supposed to be fitting new radiators. Gave the other walls a wash and it doesn't look too bad - I'll be glad when we get the new PVC windows, as I hate painting window frames!

But all that decorating left me no time or energy for any crafting. Had a grrrr moment, I'd bought a new refill for the roller, but could I get the thingymejig of the end to fit it, could I heck as like. So had to dash out to buy new roller, with tray, which turned out to be broken, but couldn't be bothered to go back to shop. Why do they design stuff in such an awkward way? Men! And my most hated job - cleaning brushes and especially rollers!

The card was one I made ages ago, I had just got a vellum kit from QVC and it had this gorgeous rain drop vellum in it. It went perfectly with a decoupage paper I had of the little boy holding his lovely red umbrella. Easy card to make really, but then I like easy. cardmaking wise that is. I think I am much more inventive when it comes to scrapbooking. I just like what I term: clean cards, I'm not a 'fussy' person, hate loud patterns etc. I do try to make them fit the occasion/person, I like to add that 'special' extra bit, so they are more personal than a shop bought card. I have also found that when selling cards (which I usually only do at Christmas), that people like the simple, clean look, when I've made ultra fancy cards while they are admired, few want to actually buy them. But I am happy with my card making, like to experimen a bit more with stuff, say alcohol inks, do like getting messy! And I've really enjoyed using my perfect pearls, funny one crafter I know said she found them far too messy and difficult, I've not found that at all. In fact her comments kind of put me off using them, glad I did get there in the end, cos they've really proved useful in changing colours of chipboard letters and other stuff.

Well the old bod is aching all over, I will pay for the decorating stint tomorrow, back isn't complaining too much, tho it will when I have to start papering walls. I don't mind decorating, just that in the flat everything has to be done quickly, there is no 'taking your time' as no room can be out of action for too long. It was my mum who taught me to decorate, my dad couldn't hammer a nail in straight, so it was up to mum to learn how to do the DIY, which she then passed on to us kids. Good thing, as at least I am not wholly dependent on workmen, feel kind of proud that I can tackle most jobs.

On that note, where did I put the Radian B!

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