Thursday, 17 January 2008

another day another training course

Think my brain is gradually seizing up, two different training courses in two days - one useful, and one... well utter rubbish. One thing that really irks me is for those who have no experience of working with the public, trying to teach those who have experience, how to do their job! I have had a bellyful of customer care courses, and of being told not to take anything personally, the inference that the customer may have had a bad day - and what, I am not human? Grrrrr.

Is it really too much to ask for a bit of respect? I've looked at my contract and nowhere does it say that I signed away my human rights when I chose to be a library assistant. I felt sorry for the instructor yesterday, she was lumbered with a bunch of disenchanted library workers, all of whom are fed up with the lack of support and clarity in guidlines from their management, oh and lack of support, and the constant moving of goal posts. So she was on a hiding to nothing, she lasted well, but by the end she had ditched her own teachings of acquiesce, be tolerant and was now exasperated... well at least she knew how we felt!

Today was different, learning about disability, and our instructors were all disabled, and bliss - all were opposed to the PC culture. The chap instructing us on visual impairments stated that he was 'blind' and not visually impaired, the lady giving advice on the hearing impaired stated: I'm deaf... and the mobility impaired lady told us: my body is buggered. And so I came away with a better understanding of how to guide someone who is blind, communicate with someone who is deaf (and not to feel embarassed if I resort to writing stuff down), and knowing that someone who can't move around easily will be happy for me to help them. I've got my own disability, my back problem, which does restrict me in quite few ways, but I know my restrictions and limits, I just wish to be left to get on with my job, or what I can do of it, what bits I can't I will ask others to help me with.

Want to be crafting, but it will have to wait till the weekend, got lots more scrapping planned. Oh and special mention to my papershop-cum-minimart-post office. Took card to be posted, needed one of those 'large' postage stamps, post office bit wasn't open, but manageress went out on a limb, took card, agreed with me that it needed the extra postage, which she didn't have at counter, but told me to leave it with her, and she would post it. And she did, called in to get evening paper, she spotted me and came over to reassure me that the card had been sent on its way with correct stamps.

A feel good day

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