Wednesday, 30 January 2008

When the wind blows

It was freezing today! Brrrrr, icy wind blowing in from somewhere. First had to go get some stuff ot fix the kitchen ceiling, old strip light had, shall we say, left its mark! Ended up spending £20 on some special ceiling paint, so that is my task for tomorrow! Ugh, hate painting ceiling. Kitchen really needs decorating, but we're having new windows, or so the housing association says...

So off I toddled in my newly serviced car, £200 for the necessary service and MOT, still I think I got off very lightly! Got to B&Q, we now have a supersized version, and I just found it all too intimidating, couldn't find what I wanted... so ambled over to Homebase, found paint stuff, new roller, then off to supermarket, stock up on food (snow is forecast - and I hate driving when it snows or is icy) and then home.

Finally settled down to some scrap booking at 2pm, I have no idea how I end up with my scrap book pages. I read the magazines, take note of making a layout template, or having some rough idea then... the forward planning gets chucked and I just bumble my way along. I knew I wanted to frame the photo, but had to make a frame, then it just 'needed' something, so made another frame and put it on at an angle, that frame seemed to be crying out for some bits, so out came stash of bits (should have taken a photo of table... you may have wondered how I was able to make anything! Then stood back, nope, page wasn't 'complete', mmm, bits on corners, yeah why not! I'm working on 8x8 papers, so I don't want to swamp them with too much stuff. Find it amusing that a year ago I found the smaller size albums intimidating, was very happy with scrapping on 12x12, just love the space! But now I do feel more comfortable working with the smaller size. Perhaps I can start making inroads into my neice's travel album, it's been looming large in my head, but kept on putting it off as the kit I got is an 8x8 album.

Hobbes is the moggy in the photo, another cat belonging to my friend Kaarin. Must say she has great taste in cats! Matilda is next, as a very, very cut kitten. Page is half done, but ran out of time, tummy began demanding dinner. Then there is Boston, and Roo Moo... and Catty.

I may get another page done tomorrow... how do some whizz thru umpteen pages in one day? I can manage perhaps 3 on a very good day, two is my maximum. I do like to mull....

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Cazzy said...

Hi Cass, love the layout, great cat photo!

I thought we were going to see Sweeney Todd today but DH didn't mention it at all so I guess we aren't today so I am sitting here watching a stamping DVD instead!