Thursday, 10 January 2008

My achy breaky back

Just when I thought it was safe my back decides to play up. Have double sciatica - great, pain down both legs! Gingerly keeping things crossed in the hope that it soon passes. Been hooked up to tens machine, it works but doesn't cure the problem, after an hour or so the pain is back. Can't keep the tens machine on all the time as it gives me a headache.

Mind you the weather was so foul today that I was grateful to be stuck in doors.

Managed to cut an exploding box, now just have to decorate it, it has to have a wedding anniversary theme as it is for my friend's 35th wedding anniversary! It really should be either Jade or Coral in colour, but didn't have those colours in my stash - I keep thinking I have plenty of stash then realise how littlle I do have compared to some. Anyway I plumped for a pretty lilac colour, with a glittery top. Found some wedding type peel offs, not sure yet what to put on the insides, but it will come together!

Just seen folk talking about craft desks, I wish, the ones I have seen are way too expensive. I mainly craft on the kitchen table, there I can spread out. All my stash is in papermania cases, or boxes or totes - tho now they are at least in good order, so I know what is in what. Then my tools are stored in a tool box, most of the stash is in the 3rd section of my wardrobe, that is in need of a good sort out. Have managed to tidy up some of it, I've put away all my Xmas stuff - can't bear to look at it anymore! The only way I will be able to have a dedicated craft space is to invest in some new bedroom furniture, then I can expand my desk and make it more crafty!

I have been decluttering, was pretty ruthless the other day, got rid of a load of stuff. I should also stop dithering and convert all my tapes to CDs, that would release a nice wooden case that would be ideal for craft stuff :-))

Oh well must get back to my box, see what stuff I have to decorate it.

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