Sunday, 13 January 2008

The cure for a soggy weekend is...

Go scrapbooking! I'd love to say that the photo is my own, but it isn't. I spotted it in Google images and is by a very talented photographer called Pete Caffrey. But it was just so striking I just had to have a go at scrapping it.

It's partly for my scrap challenge, deadline for which passed a long time ago! Bit embarrassing as I set the challenge and the deadlines. Still got my own photo to finish scrapping, just needs to be stuck down and some wording added.

But I had a lovely time doing the page opposite, even if it did take me all afternoon. Yesterday I finished off an anniversary exploding box, it's for her 35th wedding anniversary, which strictly speaking is Coral or Jade, but just couldn't find any really nice coloured coral or jade card, so instead she has a purple box! Had to get a few wedding things, I've not bothered to get any wedding embellishments before now as I've not had to make any wedding cards. Luckily Papermill still had their sale on so got some stuff at half price. Also picked up an assortment of card, have decided that although I do have a lot of stash, it is lacking in a few areas, card and paper for scrapping is where I am really found wanting.

So the plan is to have an audit of what I have got and what I need to add to it. I was put off just buying stuff after a humungus gaffe when I first started crafting, saw this big box of scrap card at the Range, for £4.99 - the box tho was sealed, and really I should have left it where it was as it turned out to be a load of rubbish, just stuffed full of purple and black scrap card. I've avoided mystery bargains ever since! I know what I definitely don't need and that is cards, got tons of them! All just waiting to be adorned, think that particular bit of my stash will last for quite some time. Peel offs is another area I need to stock up on, the basics, letters and lines, oh and numbers - you can never have enough of them. May also invest in a creasing board - and really do need a new poky tool! Looked for one in the Papermill but it has a very poor selection of tools, the only piercing tool they had was part of a kit - 29.99! Okay if you haven't many tools, or an eyelet setter, but I have and just wanted a poky tool. Nor did they have many stencils... I am really really missing my old Craft Central :-(( They had a decent selection of everything, and you knew where to look for things as the manager sensibly grouped stuff together. The woman who runs the papermill shop is nice, and the staff are crafters, but it really is lacking in a lot of areas. Yes it has tons of paper and card, but you also need a good selection of tools and other basics, plus a good range of embellishments.

Also managed to buy a blouse, and two tops from M&S - eureka, was beginning to think I would never find a normal shirt in there. I am frankly not surprised their sales have dipped, the last range was rubbish, to gaudy for the likes of me, and too fitted and fancy, they need to start stocking some basics again, plain shirts, plain T shirts (longer as well - some of us wish to cover certain areas!), and baggy jumpers please! I just hate clingy clothes, in fact the shirt and two tops I bought are size 18, and I am actually a size 12, but do like things to be roomy and thus comfy. Want to forget what I am wearing, not be tugging at it. Also got long arms, so hate tight sleeves. Or worse, those horrid 3/4 sleeves, do you see anyone mucking with men's shirts - no, men know that they can go just pick up a shirt and not have to worry about it not fitting, or being too short or tight. I wish all those silly designers would take a long holiday - bring back designers who design nice clothes.

Now must go load the craft robo program, need to do some lettering. New PC has run like a charm all week, also figure out what to do with the old PC... cash converters here I come!

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