Wednesday, 16 January 2008

I'll try again!

I tried last night to publish a blog and.... Orange decided to crash... as it does! I know it is not the computer, as it is brand new, nor is it the connection as I tested it, it is Orange! So much for 24/7 broadband!

Right, calm now, will get back to what I was trying to post last night. I had a bit of a surprise yesterday, went to work thinking I would be stuck there all day, but then found that I was only working till 1pm! Joy! So couldn't wait to get home and start scrapping my lucky find photos. Already had a few plans for one photo, the one opposite of my mum's 60th birthday, used one of the pages that came with the last goody bag (Do Crafts) it had lovely swirly lines on it and was coral, and as my mum's name is Coral, well it was perfick. But did have to engage the imagination, as I didn't have any suitable creamy coloured card, so mixed some soft gold and silver perfect pearls and painted some white card, nor did I have any plain chipboard letters, out came the perfect pearls again, and some copper coloured letters. I always like to have a mull, mid page construction, wondering what will 'finish' it off... I knew it didn't need too much, the paper was 'fussy', so settled for just some chipboard buttons. All the stuff, except for the paper came from my huge QVC scrapbook kit, Rosemary Merry said it would last for ages, and she was right, it definitely will - just so much in it.

Tho I do want more perfect pearls, just love them... and more papers, well hey, a scrapbooker always wants more papers. I go to the kalulu site and could spend a fortune, they have some really gorgeous stuff on that site.

I've been really happy scrapbooking, so nice to get back to it, been so long since I did any really serious stuff. November and December were taken up with card making. Been lovely just pleasing myself! Funny this time last year I just felt so intimidated by the whole idea of scrapbooking, had seen so many fancy layouts, very arty and all very good, but also very off putting. But now I've found that it is a very personal thing, it is about what that photo means to you, the memories it brings back, the sounds and the smells, the images that weren't captured on film. Or simply what it evokes in you.

Think I'll post quickly, just in case Orange chucks another sulky tantrum.

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