Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Wet and Windy Wednesday

It got quite scary here last night, we had a big storm, wind, rain then for good measure - thunder and lightning. It was really blowing a gale, lots of noise from the docks - I swear that sometimes they drop those containers on purpose! And it was more of the same today, luckily by time I had to go to work it had cleared up, but it was bitterly cold, now we've got the rain and wind back.

Made a few edits to my blog last night, was determined to sort out the slide show, so that it was in 'one place' rather than it moving around. Couldn't do a lot with the old PC, half the time I couldn't even see the settings page to edit stuff, or it would crash half way thru. So now I intend to personalise the blog a bit more, have it more like 'me'!

Didn't realise how bad it was till today when I did a re-install, but before that I downloaded an info page on it from Packard Bell, which told me that it had at some point suffered a critical error, tho I never saw it happen or got the dreaded blue page of death. A lot had gone wrong with it, think I can trace it back to when I was using Yahoo messenger... but I now have a nice re-installed old PC, plus I gave it a bit of a spruce up! It is a happy thing without all the memory eating programs on it. Unearthed the old mouse, and an old keyboard, plus other IT stuff that is just taking up space, so it can all go together.

The reinstall took all afternoon, so no crafting :-( Really did want to settle down and do some card making, but needed to sort out the old PC to get it fit for recycling. One nervous moment when I asked it to do the restore and it said it was missing some files! Yikes! Fortunately there was an alternate method I could use, phew. Wanted to be sure all my stuff got erased from the hard disk.

Can now also see the pics on the CB forum! Got no idea why I couldn't with the old PC. But it was nice catching up with all the photos, love looking at other peoples stuff, gives me a lot of inspiration and things to aim for.

Got work tomorrow, boss is back, worse she has had two weeks to dream up more daft ideas and schemes! Won't be crafting til the weekend... then got lots to get thru, birthday card, swap card, and another scrap challenge page - lovely, my kinda weekend!

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