Friday, 25 January 2008

A strange day

Off I went to do my cleaning job, the family I clean for have had a horrible start to the new year, their grandmother died shortly after Christmas, then one of the daughter's friends found her friend's cancer was now terminal and she wasn't expected to live long. So when I got there this morning it was a shock to find that this lovely lady had died last friday, only 39 with 3 lovely and very young children. When you hear things like that it puts life in perspective.

Mine, my life that is, has been slightly out of kilter this week as it appears I have offended someone, they haven't actually said I have but they are ignoring me. Funny old world, you offer a little bit of your knowledge on something you feel would be useful to them, in total innocence and that someone then takes the hump! As I see it I have two choices: tackle it head on, or ignore it. I've chosen the latter course of action, it is just too silly and petty to bother with. And if you wonder why - well I spent yesterday with my neighbour, whose son has cancer, he is now having chemo, but she is not dealing with it very well. She is a lovely lady and has been a terrific neighbour, but to see her like this is reallly heartbreaking.

Anyway, another day and another blog, and another pic. This one is from my LA scrapbook. Had 3 fab holidays there, these pics were taken on my first LA in 1991. On here they are a bit grainy, but the lady in the pic is Sharon Gless in her then new role as Rosie O'Neill, she was much better known as Cagney in Cagney & Lacey. What was I doing there, on the set of the RO show? Er, I took a bunch of Cagney & Lacey fans to LA, well it was also partly my excuse for a holiday in America! I had helped to set up and run the Sharon Gless Fan club, and that year a bunch of us went out to meet Sharon. She was lovely and in fact treated us to a lovely meal at a restaurant called El Cholos - more of that in another blog! We also got to spend time with her on the set of her new show, plus we were taken on a tour of the old Lacey Street Studios where they filmed Cagney & Lacey. Some of the sets were still there and in use - odd to see it all in the flesh so to speak.

My LA scrapbook was the first scrapbook I attempted, these photos just had to be captioned 'Lights, Camera, Action'. I don't actually remember snapping Sharon as she was adjusting her costume, it was a case of point and shoot quickly. But she was a good sport, letting us all snap away. I got some Hollywood bitz from a craft shop, perfick for the page, tho it was a bit of a nightmare sourcing stuff for the album as I wanted American scrapbook stuff. I've still got loads of photos from all holidays begging to be scrapped. Could run to a few volumes!

Ah happy days...

I'm also updating my favourites, trying to include as many blogs from the CB site. I'll get more on there soon, I promise!

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