Monday, 21 January 2008

Days when you should stay in bed!

I live less than two miles from work.... so why did it take me nearly 25 minutes to get there this morning? Cos it was raining, and so all it seemed at decided to take their cars to work. Roads were clogged up, we were all at a snails pace, then one wally decides that he has had enough and chooses to suddenly make a left turn... only he is in the far lane, does that stop him.... no, he cuts across 3 lanes of traffic! He only got away with it as we were all going so slowly. I, in the correct lane, turned left just after him, and, yep, more traffic, another hold up!

But it was a truly horrible morning, really grey, a steely grey sky, and just bucketing down. Got to work to find all the buckets (we have 8 leaky velux windows) under windows are full! Had to ask Rob to empty them, my back is just too sore at the moment, feel like someone has twisted it around. Luckily Rob is the good sort, so he happily got stuck into emptying buckets.

Then I had a nice surprise, found I am off next week. Clean forgot I'd booked a week off, my car has to be MOT'd... nervous time! But I had loads of leave left, shall I make you green with envy? Why not, I get.... wait for it... 6 weeks off a year! Sounds fab, but actually you don't know what to do with it all, plus we never have enough staff so you can take the odd day off... Got on more week left in March, my birthday week, which this year falls on a Friday, my day off anyway, but hey, may as well have the whole week off.

Got next week planned, take car for MOT, and in order to forget it is being MOT'd, have my catscrapbook to make! I sent out a plea to all my moggy owning friends to send pics of their cats, and they did! Just have this feeling that I may end up getting orders for catscrabooks after they view the pages. Wouldn't mind in the least.

Have added my lantern card photo, tho not sure it does it justice, meant to take the photo in daylight, then forgot... tis an awkward card to photo. I usually scan my cards, but how does one 'scan' a lantern card? But had lots of fun making it, now got to make a box for it as it is far too fat to go into an envelope.

Will be crafting tomorrow, and watching more crafting on tv! And ooer, they've forecast snow on Thursday...

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Cazzy said...

Hi Cass, you have been busy! Well done on your prize and I like the card!