Monday, 14 January 2008


I actually don't mind Mondays, it is my day off, which helps! It's also housework day, but with a small flat it doesn't take long. Did some more decluttering mid dusting, bottom of sideboard was full of junk, got rid of a few strange looking bottles of stuff... that horrible Baileys! Yuck, in fact double yuck. But there, buried under a load of wrapping paper was a photo album - took a look and found photos of my old cat Mufti, I had forgotten I'd taken them, one is really typifies her, flat on back legs akimbo. But they are going to be scrapped! Plus found a nice one of mum's 60th birthday, other old family Christmas photos, all just begging to be put in a scrapbook.

First tho I had to finish off 2nd remembrance page. Managed to find amongst my stash some suitably sludgy coloured paper, plus some old maps of Europe - had wondered what the heck I'd do with them! Then cut a large poppy, well half a poppy as I didn't have a lot of red card. Made 3 crosses and found 3 red brads to hold them in place, then added the words from one of my favourite poems by Wilfred Owen: Dulce Et Decorum Est, Pro Patra Mori. Was pleased with the result, think the red poppy gives a great splash of colour, shows up just as it shows up on the uniforms of the cadets.

Then half started scrapping one of the photos I'd unearthed, that of mum's 60th birthday, so had to get out all my paper and start the mulling, kind of got a layout in mind, managed to find a suitable coloured paper, will see what inspiration hits me on Wednesday when I finish it. Would do it tomorrow, but got work :-( Mind you back is a bit dodgy at the moment - it was fine over Christmas now I feel as if I am inching slowly back to square one!

Must do more de-cluttering, see what else I can turn up in photos!

Also been tweaking my blog, it is beginning to feel more like me. Will continue to tinker ;-))

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