Friday, 11 January 2008

Funky/flunky Friday

I'm back to my alliterations! Not sure what is actually Funky about this Friday... more flunky than funky... weather has been grey, kind of wishy washy, just damp, dull and very, very grey. On way to my cleaning job saw a pigeon that had been hit by a car, it was struggling to fly off... road was too busy for me to do anything, well without endangering myself. I just hate seeing any animal/bird in pain or in trouble. So not a great start today, tho woke up largely pain free, but still getting a lot of cramp - sure sign that my back is threatening to go into spasm. Got to cleaning job, but didn't do a lot of cleaning, my lady had buried her mother, she died shortly after Christmas. I knew the funeral had been held on Wednesday, so I sensed that my 'lady' perhaps would want to talk, and she did, she is easy going, and there have been times in the past when all I have done is sit with her while she talked thru stuff, but the house did need cleaning, but we chatted for a good while then I cleaned like crazy... before sitting down for a cuppa and another much needed chat. Had a sense of deja vu, as on Wednesday my neighbour called, she was really upset, her son has cancer and the prognosis is not good, and she wasn't coping very well.

I sort of feel guilty, my life is okay, not great, but on the scale of things, I am very fortunate - my family is in good health (sort of, except for my brother), work maybe a pain, but I can get thru it as I have very good colleagues... and yet all around me it seems people are having a truly horrible time. My 'lady' for example, has just lost her mother, and sadly my 'lady's' daughter had just heard that her good friend had been diagnosed with terminal cancer... life does suck at times. You do wonder who decides all this stuff, when you read stories of those miscreants who win the lottery, or have their human rights upheld (whilst those of their victims get trampled on), while those who lead the usual humdrum lives, who do no harm, who try to do their best get shafted. I guess it makes sense to someone, somewhere... just wish he/she would let the rest of in on the 'plan'.

No crafting at all today, got home from cleaning job and brother called, so we chatted about his cruise, then off to hairdresser for much needed hair cut. Just wish I could send my hair along - and then pick it up. I really don't like going, the only thing I enjoy is having my hair washed as the girl that does it, does a mean head massage. It is the bit after that I don't much like, tho I have a good hairdresser, who isn't into indulging in small talk, we do chat, about footie usually, but invariably the deed is done in a comfortable silence - suits me and suits him.

Did think about doing a bit more to the exploding box I started yesterday, but sorry, I need more stash to do what I want to do. So off to craft shop tomorrow. I'm going to get myself plenty of cardstock, 12x12, in various colours, a good selection of peel offs, plus whatever may take my fancy. Also need some shirts, so may go to M&S or BHS and see what they have to offer, so far neither has tempted me to buy stuff... hate what they have had this season. Sorry but I want plain old shirts, roomy, long, same with jumpers, do not like anything tight or fitted, want boring old colours like blue, red, yellow etc. So I had no sympathy when they announced that their sales figures had dropped - due to the rubbish they were selling! Which is why I like shopping in America, you find the things that you want, in the sizes that fit you, no silly one off fashions, just the good old basics.

Was going to watch opening of our capital of culture, as promised by BBC, funny that the link they gave took me straight to News 24... er... not what I wanted!

So guess I am now officially blogging from the European City of Culture... Hey ho.... just mind the pot holes!

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