Monday, 28 January 2008

Got it!

Was beginning to mentally pen my angry e-mail to QVC, cos two bits of my craft day order hadn't arrived when... second part did - cat scrapbook! So chuffed when postie handed large box to me, then alarmed as box said: Fiskars... hey... what? Didn't recall ordering any tools or the like.... so I learned something: Fiskars make scrapbook kits! But still waiting for one more bit of order... I really will complian tomorrow, as it is well over the 5 to 7 days, and me living just 15 minutes from their warehouse!

Happy moment in worrying day - MOT Day - a tortuous time of - would it, wouldn't it! My mechanic, Gary, lovely chap, he lived in house opposite to me, I was good friends with his sister, was taking care of car. Knew it would be bad news, it was a case of how bad... didn't want anything expensive, don't mind when they say it needs new exhaust etc, that stuff you expect, it is when they have to start welding stuff! Well it is sort of expensive, car failed on emissions, but Gary and MOT chap had agreed that car was just in need of a good service. Phew. Car had belonged to my nephew, I doubt it has been serviced since nephew bought it. And I had been planning to book it in for a service... so guess I got off lightly. But all that nervous tension.... cleaned living room carpet... in fact it is now gleaming, and gave suite a bit of a scrub. And gave bedroom a darn good clean, washed shelves etc, moved stuff to hoover behind... Car will be back with me tomorrow, in good and rude health.

Oh the photo, it is of Sam cat, a faithful and no longer with us, moggy, belong to one of my Yahoo group friends. Just his paws, but wow, what a photo! It will be duly scrapped tomorrow. Can't wait to get started with this kit, was just to jittery to sit down and do any crafting today (with MOT results looming). Kit is lovely, only an 8x8 book, do prefer 12x12, but it is high time I got to grips with smaller sizes.

Going to leave on a moggy saying:

Purring would seem to be, in her case, an Automacit Safety valve for dealing with Happiness overflow....


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