Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Got my new PC

What a day. First the weather was foul, so didn't really mind being stuck in the house. Automated phone call said new PC was going to be delivered between 8 a.m and noon... saw that delivery firm was based in Runcorn, so figured I would either be first or last.... think I was one of the last as the delivery driver arrived at 12.30. Still I had filled the time usefully, not crafting, was too het up to sit and craft... did the ironing instead! So quick sandwich, quick glance at instructions - tossed to one side, get PC out of box, and start plugging it in, then the nervous moment, plugging in livebox... would it work? Yep, got flashing lights and all in the right order, phew. Then installed essential progs, updated anti virus, windows... registered everything, by that time I needed a lie down... exhausting work. But now I have a lovely fast computer, such bliss to NOT have to wait while it summons up the energy to do something. One worrying moment tho, couldn't find card reader slot or extra usb ports... was sure I'd ordered them... so where could they be? Simple, hidden under a stylish flap, had been thinking I'd have to reach round the pc to plug in my camera etc... but nope, there were the 'missing' bits.

Not even my old PC was fast when it was new, so this is a whole new experience, like going from 30 mph to 70 in a nano second. Not yet loaded the robo software, think I'll leave that for a day or so. Also now need to do a reinstall of the old PC so it can then go to a new home, but without my details on it.

Did tho miss the craft show, had the TV on, but was up to my eyes in installations. Will have to go see what I missed. And of course it is CSI night! Yipppeeee - Grissom is back!

Might see the show if the house is still standing, the storm has just got up again. Might need to go batten down a few hatches methinks!

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