Saturday, 19 January 2008

How to make a crafter happy

Simple, have a craft day! Been watching QVC all day, well pretty much, aside from a small break to catch up with what is happening in the real world. Have succumbed to buying a couple of things, tho I have this time set myself a limit - and only want embellishments or scrapbooking stuff. While I loved the papernation TSV, it was just too big, I knew I'd not use half the stuff, but was intrigued by the shrink plastic, must have a go at that sometime. I decided to wait till the new characters come out in the shops, then I can choose which ones I want to use. It was nice tho when Beth Hughes (the lady who has created all the PN characters) came thru on the telephone. Just love her work, every PN card I've made has been well recieved, and they're great for men, as they are humorous and quirky.

Spent the afternoon making a lantern card, my first ever! I used the kit from a former TSV, but was so chuffed with myself at putting it all together, usually I struggle with self adhesive stuff, it invariably sticks where it shouldn't or isn't straight, but the self adhesive papers went on like a dream. No photo yet, but will do that tomorrow, prefer taking photos in daylight. I'm am feeling rather proud of myself, I've tackled exploding boxes, waterfall cards and now lantern cards!

Was going to do some scrapbooking, but had a dilemma - TV is in living room, too far away from kitchen, so craft and watch QVC, or craft and not watch... decided to craft and watch, so that meant using my small table, which is not meant for scrapbooking - I need space.

I've had a thoroughly lazy day, just lazed around, got up late, well late for me, 9 a.m! Mooched while watching the crafting, had lunch, did some crafting while watching crafting, watched the rain pour down, and pour down and pour down - think someone has left the taps running up above - not sure how much more water this country can take!

Off to watch Rosemary Merry....

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