Sunday, 27 January 2008

Let there be light

First the pic, went thru a phase of wanting to do parchment craft, bought myself a little kit and... discovered it wasn't my thing at all. I couldn't master the pen and ink thing, got myself a white sakura gel pen, that improved things but was still not happy with the results. This litte bag is my only real success! I'd still like to be able to do it, may go back to it one day. Just hate the feeling of being beaten.

Had a far from relaxing Sunday, my BiL volunteered to put up a new kitchen light, it will only take an hour he says... several hours later.... me and him are still trying to get the darn thing to work! I know I'm going to pay pain wise tomorrow after having to hold up the light for such a long time, already my neck is starting to complain. We had to take a break to go have Sunday lunch, good thing really as both of us were nearly at the point of flinging the stupid light out of the window. Got back at 4.30, and after another mulling session we figured out how to wire it up correctly, we knew we'd have a spare wire over, it was a case of isolating the right wire. We both wondered about marketing a plug and play lighting system, think how brill it would be if you could just get the new light fitting and just plug it in!

Sunday lunch was interesting, just went to a local pub/hotel, all was fine till we, well the others ordered dessert, back came waitress to say that there was only one ginger and lemon ice thingie, so another choice was made... back she came again... 3rd choice was made, a fresh fruit pavlova, or rather: meringue nests with tinned fruit bunged in them. So my SiL complains, in a nice way and we end up getting £15 knocked off the bill and free coffee.

Got the week off, but have to take car for MOT tomorrow... fingers and toes will be crossed!

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