Monday, 7 January 2008

Finished at last

At last I got my two scrap challenge pages completed, decided to do the NOEL page again as I wasn't happy with the background, looked like mouldy wall paper. I did manage to stick to my rule of 'use up your stash', well for all the bits and bobs, was wondering how the heck I would use up a scrap pad sticker book, it was half price but was totally Christmassy! It was a lovely way to spend a weekend, just scrapping. Now I've got two scrapbooks to look forward to doing, one for my niece and one for me - there could be a third, as the one for me is of my friend's retirement party, so I will have to do one for her. Tho I am not complaining, I just love putting the pages together, just so satisfying to see the end result, and it just means so much more.

Only a few more hours and I'll have a new PC! This one did its usual trick of choosing to chuck a tantrum last night, couldn't access the internet at all. Got so frustrated. Tho it would probably perform better if it didn't have so many programs on it eating up memory. It has served me well, but time for us now to part and go our separate ways. I've found a few charities that take old computers, so it will be going to a good home.

It has been an odd day, felt awful this morning, felt sure I was about to succumb to that virus, I staggered thru the morning, then by lunchtime I felt much better. Phew. We are now starting to tidy up the library, the boss is back on Thursday! It would be nice if we could trust all of our junior staff, sadly there are two who let us down all the time, hence I spent the entire afternoon sorting out what should and shouldn't be on display... wait till I get hold of those two - grrrr. Our two new staff are showing the old junior lot up, the newbies ask if they aren't sure of something, and don't laze around the counter but look for things to do. I've had enough of banging my head against the brick wall, so the junior staff (the lazy lot) are in for a New Year shock. Library work isn't rocket science, we have a clear system of what is to be put on display, and what isn't, that shelves should have at least 3 clear book spaces at the end, so more books can be easily shelved. Do they follow these simple rules... no. What is worse we trusted them over the Christmas period, didn't check up on them at all, and so they have really let us down.

But got tomorrow off, new PC is arriving sometime tomorrow morning, got QVC craft in the afternoon.... a perfect day and I won't care what the weather is doing!

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