Friday, 1 February 2008

Brrrrr - it's soooo cold!

Another stormy night, but it wasn't the wind howling that disturbed me, but someone's gate banging! Why can't people be a)more thoughtful and b) more aware - as in when a gale is blowing make sure that your gate is properly shut!

The banging gate woke me at 5 a.m, couldn't get back to sleep so made some tea and toast, and then fell into a deep sleep, woke up at 8.30 - had to be at my cleaning job at 9.30! I am not one of those people who can just roll out of bed and go off to work, I need time to wake up and get my brain in gear. I wasn't too late, not that it matters if I am a little bit late. It is a very sad house, with mother and daughter both coping with grief, double grief for the daughter who has lost both her grandmother and good friend in the space of four weeks. Had chat to daughter, then to mother later, both are exhausted emotionally... hope the year begins to improve for them both.

Latest pic is of Mattie, when she a very cute kitten, not sure what she was looking at so intently! Kittens are so amusing, I remember my own cat Mufti once spotting her reflection in the living room window, she must have jumped (vertically, all four paws leaving shelf at same time) a good foot into the air. And boy was she funny when it snowed, I lifted her up onto the window ledge to see the really thick snowflakes coming down, she at first tried to catch them, was looking up as if trying to figure out where this white stuff was coming from, then off she jumps and goes to kitchen, jumps on on window ledge, yep white stuff is coming down past that window, off to my bedroom, same thing: looking to see if the white stuff was coming down, off to small bedroom.... finally off she goes to front door, so I opens it and she tentatively steps outside, quickly withdrawing her paw when she realised how cold it was. Then suddenly she jumped out into the garden, looking up to the sky, totally baffled! I look back now and think: if only I'd taken a picture! She had the most expressive face.

Managed to do two scrap book pages! Excelled myself. Will put up pic of other page tomorrow. Think tho the robo will be pressed into action for more lettering, they are so stingy with it in these kits! No complaints with the paper, all of it coordinates beautifully, it has realliy been well thought out. Will need to get some orange and green card, for the lettering, plus maybe a few more bits and bobs. Depends on whether I wake up to find it has snowed during the night, so far we've just had hail and sleet, but the forecast has said it will snow!

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