Thursday, 27 March 2008

At last!

Hooray, it's only taken two months and umpteen e-mails but at last Graphtec have sorted out my license file - one of the serial numbers (which came with software) was missing an '0'... mmmm. While I am glad that my DM software is working I am a bit annoyed with graphtec as I had supplied them with all the relevant numbers yonks ago... and took them 8 weeks to spot the missing digit! Oh and a not so gentle nudge from me to reply to my e-mail last week, which in turn was in response to a request from them for all the serial and machine numbers (already supplied more than once).

Aside from that it has been a funny old day, woke to find a sunny day, but as I was about to pop over to get newspapers before going to work the sky went dark grey and the heavens opened. So headed to work and picked up papers on way... could not believe that at 9.15 when it was still chucking it down we had a queue of people outside the library! I know where I would have been had I had a choice: at home. Other colleagues were in grumpy mood, they'd had a torrid time day before with the children, them plus people bringing in food and drink then leaving their rubbish behind them. So we had a clamp down, anyone daring to enter library with a drink or packet of crisps/sandwiches was told to leave. It amazes me, you get those who are really, really nice, polite etc, and then at the other end of the scale you get the grunts, downright rude and those who believe the world owes them something, oh and the downright bone idle.

No chance of crafting, got home at 2.30, after calling in at only petrol station in town, and got stuck behind woman who seemed oblivious to the queue mounting up behind her as she filled her car then umpteen flipping petrol cans, then decided to rummage round in car for Lord knows what - think the chap behind me was ready to flatten her. Once home I had to then wait for mum to call me, she was at hospital for her pre op check, didn't see any point in getting out any crafting stuff. So had a look thru the Let's Get Crafting mag, and made a few plans to have a go at a few projects, even tho my stash box is now full. Watched a repeat of Come Dine With me... boy are they bitchy! Had just got comfy with a cuppa when mum called, she was all done and dusted. On picking her up had found that the NHS had yet again excelled itself in stupidity, in this pre op thing mum should have seen the anaesthetist (he was on holiday), consultant (he'd taken day off), then ECG guy told her she had a heart murmur... news to her and us. That pillock told her she'd need a scan... twit... she will most likely need a more extensive ECG, or echocardiogram. She was worried, so told her that she'd reached 79 and was still here, and had it been serious I'd have been visiting her in a ward. It's either due to ageing, and her smoking, or she could have had it since birth, in which case it ain't done her any harm. Then just to worry her even more she was told they still hadn't decided which hip to replace, actually surgeon wanted to do both at once, but mum said no. I told her to tell them to do the worst first then do the other later in the year.

Hopefully a more peaceful day tomorrow, and some crafting.

Pic is of my LA holiday in 1991, I seem to always go to the USA in October, so the place is full of Halloween stuff. This was my first trip to LA, some friends and I went to the Farmer's Market, okay we got lost and ended up there! But there were all these pumpkins laying around, so we started snapping away. Wanted to do something different with the photos, so used the compass cutter to cut one into a circle, the cutter hadn't cut right thru so as I was trying to gently prise the bits apart I liked the effect I got, the circle in middle and the bits that were 'destined' for bin on either side, for the second photo I cut a zig zag thru the photo, splitting it into three, then just leaving a gap between each piece, I ripped and tore some paper and vellum, ran them behind the photos, added a few square gems and the chipboard bit... tho can't for the life of me now remember where exactly the second photo was taken, it wasn't at the Farmer's Market!

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