Tuesday, 18 March 2008

What a difference a day makes...

Yesterday I was footloose and fancy free, well work wise, as in NOT being at work, so pain free... today I was back at work, and within an hour I was back in pain. The only good thing about being there was it was quiet, none of us can work out if the kids are on holiday or not, seems some are and some aren't. Sadly tho the dregs of society where out in force... sorry but I've lost all patience with the majority of them, all are perfectly capable of working, yet choose to sponge of the rest of us and fill their days by playing computer games and chatting in chat rooms.

Once upon a time a library was a safe haven for many, the homeless, pensioners, those with not a lot of money, or the disenfrancised. They'd come in and spend the day keeping warm, reading the newspapers and books... now many are reluctant to enter because of the yob element, because the library no longer feels safe, or offers some peace and quiet.

Now I am forced to spend my days explaining to oiks why they cannot eat their Big Mac/subway sandwich etc in the library, why they cannot use their mobile phone etc. And why their foul language is unacceptable!

Roll on Friday... and I will be free from it all. Oh and get back to what is important - crafting! Only got one more week of my old shift, then I'll be on half days, best bit is that I get to miss the kids coming in straight from school.... something I WON'T miss!

Uploaded pic of some of what I bought with my birthday money on Saturday, the flower folding kit. I only bought it cos a nice lady encouraged me to buy it, she was so nice, explaining how to do it, and handing over a few more ideas. I had hoped it would be more involved, if you get my drift, but it wasn't, which half left me disappointed, think I was up for a challenge. But it was easy, just a case of folding and cutting. I added some of the self adhesive lace to the mat, another simple card. My real challenge seems to be the screen cards, half made one, but feel it isn't quite right! Got an idea in my head, so watch this space.

Updated my slide show, and hopefully it is back in the right place. Still doing battle with DM and graphtec, have realised that they don't read the e-mails you send them. Last night I sent a very clear and succinct e-mail to them... and they replied by.... askign me for information I had already told them I couldn't supply, as they'd never supplied it in the first place. Wrexham isn't that far away... I am sorely tempted to go pay them a visit and chuck DM back at them!


Cazzy said...

Hi Cass,

I had an email from Graphtec too asking me for two numbers, sent those and got a new licence file today - doesn't work, got error message so back to graphtec!

You did warn me! Have you totally un-installed and re-installed yet?

Tullavilla said...

Your card is very pretty.
There's a little something for you on my blog

Cass said...

Cazzy, yes I have uninstalled it a number of times and reinstalled it, and am up to license file number 5! None have worked, I'm sending it back next week - I've had enough.

Cass :-(

Joani said...

Your card is soo fresh and spring-like..Lovely:) xx