Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Wasn't going to.. but I did

I was in the supermarket, frankly wishing I wasn't in the supermarket... it was full of kids... and spotted Let's Get Crafting, should I, shouldn't I? Somehow it jumped into the trolley! Got grumpy check out assistant, who seemed to like flinging the stuff down to me, was about to say something when think she sensed she was pushing her luck and she stopped. I hope she was due a tea break, cos she obviously needed a break. I could empathise with her, I knew how she was feeling - least where I work if I am feeling stressed I can go bury myself amongst the shelves. Tho what gets me irritated, and also my colleagues, is that when we are tidying up the shelves people make a beeline for us and ask have we got X book.... its like they expect us to have the entire library catalogue embedded in our brains! The other nutty thing is when they say: Can't see any more James Patterson books on the shelf, have you got any? Er, no, if there are none on shelves then that means they are out on loan... it ain't rocket science! And what is so hard about understanding alphabetical order? Books are put in alphabetical order, by surname.... okay? Gooooooood. And that explains why it is helpful if you can spell and know your alphabet, cos if you don't (and believe me many, many don't) you are in trouble. So raspberries to any teacher that thinks spelling is unimportant, it ISN'T.

Card: my first springy card. Saw them featured on QVC, was almost tempted to buy the kit but thought I could probably manage without. Seemed a case of cutting some A4 card in half or thereabouts, and forming 3 squares, first one is folded in half, second (middle one) is folded both in half and diagonally, last bit is left unfolded.... still with me? You stick down first bit, the half fold this makes the stand, and leave the diagonal bit to 'spring', tho I found it was better if you just stuck down the corners a little. I rounded off the top with the compass cutter, used a circle from the Let's get Crafting mag, then cut out some dog decoupage by Paper nation. It's a RAK card for a friend, she is a doggy lover, but it is hopefully a cheer up card as well.

Hoping to get some crafting done tomorrow, finish work at 2pm, may have a go at the new challenge on the CB forum. Must also catch up on my new forum - thanks Caz!

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