Wednesday, 12 March 2008

When the wind blows

This is the calm after the storm. I woke up at 3.30ish a.m to the wind howling past my window and something creaking very ominously! I peeked out of the window, half expecting to see stuff flying past! I drifted back to sleep only to be woken by the almightiest of crashes emanating from the docks... found out later on a local news bulletin that a huge pile of containers had been blown over. Things weren't much better at the more civilised hour of 8 a.m., I ventured as far as our paper shop, a five minute walk and nearly got blown over. Found it amusing all the coverage on Monday about the storms in the South, but precious little on the storms in the North! North/South divide is still alive and heathly then. So its okay if we have winds of 75 plus here in the North!

So, unable to venture meant time to craft! Tho pic is from yesterday's efforts, a clutter card of a workshop. I like these cards, you can use a bit of your own imagination. I made a lot of them at Christmas, and added few touches of my own to them. The card is for my brother, who is a joiner by trade, but who has aspirations on being a proper carpenter. Ask any carpenter what the difference is between being a joiner and carpenter! My uncle was a carpenter, he made us all sorts of stuf when we were kids, he made me and my sister a dolls house with proper working lights, it was a double fronted detached house, with bay windows, which had leaded lights. I can still see it now. He made my brother a fantastic fort, with a pull up draw bridge, battlements. My brother is now making toys, and has improved much on, tho he has a lot of time on his hands these days to hone his skills. Not sure where the creative streak comes from, mentioned my uncle, but he is not my uncle by birth, my mum was adopted, so my past is a mystery.

Today I finally put together my scrap page challenge, thinking of putting the challenge on the CB forum. It isn't quite how I want it, but have a second stab at it, as I decided to make a two page spread. I'll post the pic tomorrow. Not a lot to say about the clutter card, you cut it all out and then stick all down where you want really, some bits I stuck straight down, other bits I added a 3D foam to give some dimension. Had seen another kit that would have been brilliant for my brother, but can't remember where I saw it or what it was called, did think it was twisted decoupage, but on seeing that,realised it wasn't. Instead ended up ordering a load of Jolly Nation, formerly Paper Nation. Then today got catalogue from Cardcraft plus, and realised that they are only 30 miles away.... mmmm feel a craft trip coming on!

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Cazzy said...

I didn't know that Paper Nation had changed their name, I think I prefer the old one!

So that is a clutter card! Many of mine have been cluttered but not sure if any are a clutter card!