Friday, 7 March 2008

That Friday feeling

Was a bit of a grouch this morning, had to take car to garage to get the door fixed, won't get it back till Monday. Then had to get bus to cleaning job, it was sunny, but it was also very windy and cold. Then I learn that bloke who backed into my car wasn't happy with what it will cost, he muttered something about the dent not being that bad! Cheek, he is getting off very lightly, I'm the one without a car thanks to his inept driving, plus forking out bus fares, and waiting for flipping buses. I was quoted £180, that was the top quote, after a consult in the road on a very very, rainy day, so it will probably be a bit less. The dent isn't bad, it is the long scrapes that are bumping up the cost. I think he assumed I'd go and get some filler and some spray paint... not on his nellie, car is in good nick and so he can pay to have it properly restored. Men!

After all that stress needed to do something to relax, so did some scrapbooking. Also wanted to use my new toy - the cropadile. Since I am a novice with eyelets, decided just to keep it simple, well until I get the hang of the cropadile. I chose a photo of my nephew Ben taken just after his confirmation. The toothy smile was deliberate as he'd just lost a tooth! Wanted a masculine paper, luckily I found some brown check paper, with some red running thru it, which went nicely with Ben's red dickie bow, then I tore some paper, and fixed two strips of red paper with the cropadile. I fixed the photo to a cream mat with some brads, then spotted a frame, so used that to highlight Ben, also used brads to attach it. Then recoloured some chipboard letters with a brush marker, very conveniently the gold still came thru! Added a couple of small messages, and that was that. Found some photos of the International Garden Festival held in Liverpool in 1984, so they're next on the list. Also got to find where I put a photo album, I put it somewhere safe, so safe that now I can't find it.

Loved using the cropadile, was easy once I'd figured out which bit did what, made easier once I'd found the instructions - usefully (NOT) buried under the packs of eyelets. Tho I think I will be longing for the 'Big Bite' the new version of the cropadile, which will be much better for scrapbooking.

Forecast for weekend is horrible, wonder why it is always so windy in March? Mum reminds me every now and then that it was snowing the day I was born, my birthday is next week... wonder if I'll get a snowy birthday?

Been meaning to say that FINALLY, I can now see all the thumbnails on the CB site. I know I said I'd sorted the problem, in fact it was still a bit hit and miss, some I could see, others remained invisible to me - which was definitely ruining my enjoyment. So I ditched McAfee, felt sure that it was the cause of the problem, but damned if I could find how to persuade it to let me see what I wanted on the web. So have now installed Norton... bliss... can see thumbnails, can enjoy seeing what everyone has been making and post comments. Didn't want to say anything sooner in case it all went pear shaped, as it did before when I kinda jumped the gun.

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