Thursday, 20 March 2008

Brrrrr.... who kidnapped spring?

Where did spring go? It was here yesterday, lovely sunshine, a bit on the chilly side, but lovely if you kept to the sunny side of the street. Then today.... wall to wall grey, windy, cold, rain... and worse, I was stuck in work all day!

Also hadn't realised how slow our new assistant is, she is very nice, easy to get along with, but boy is she slooooow. It was five minutes to opening and I realised that she'd still not switched on the PC's, or opened the window blinds, or changed the date stamps... it had taken her 15 minutes to check off the newspapers! Think she is being over cautious... tho trying to get her to be more laid back is proving hard...

Morning was quiet, well as we expected with the weather. Then of course the kids came in... they were mostly fairly well behaved. Then from nowhere these three yobs appeared, they stood in the doorway, blocking open the automatic door... and letting in the cold and the rain. I asked them nicely to either come in or go out, but not to stand where they were as they were blocking the entrance, and also likely to damage the mechanism to the door. I got abuse, typical, so red mist descended ( I am frankly sick of yobs adn the yob attitude of 'the world owes me') and I suggested to the most foul mouthed of them where he could park his scooter... in a dark, shady orifice in his nether regions, er, but not exactly using that language. He was so gobsmacked at me having the nerve to stand up to him that he sloped off, muttering things.. then his two mates attempted to come in, I told them both they could get lost. It was quiet for a while after that, then in came another group of children, some okay, some not so okay. I took objection to one little bully, who having used up all his PC time decided to then use his little sister's computer time, while she looked on bored and upset... he had with him also his skateboard, he somehow thought a library the appropriate place to demonstrate a few tricks.... WRONG! In fact my junior assistant chucked him out.

Then right on closing two idiots decide to come in and choose to hire some DVDs, we all glared at them... I informed them that they had precisely one minute to choose the DVD, and that they needed to have the right money as I'd just cashed up. 'Oh,' said dopey, 'are you closing now?' Now when faced with a dumb question like that you are tempted to say what you feel.... as in CAN'T YOU READ - LOOK ATTHE SIGN!. I didn't, but did say: yes we ARE closing, we've been here all day and WISH TO GO HOME.

I've said this before, but NEVER, EVER, go into a shop five minutes before closing time... unless you wish to incur the wrath of Kahn, and the cursing of assistants. Remember they've been there all day, the last thing they need is some dopey type coming in just before they close the doors.... I don't get paid overtime... so sorry, closing time is in our library 6pm... and I am not interested in serving anyone past 5.50 pm... you've had all day!

So now I can put me feet up, and with the weather being so awful I can craft without feeling I should be out enoying the sunshine...

Happy Easter, watch out for that Easter Bunny... he tends to pop up all over the place!

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