Thursday, 6 March 2008

There were ten in the bed and the little one said

Roll over, roll over... just thought I'd 'share' that with you, as I heard it at least ten times this morning! It is World Book Day, the them was - bedtime stories. My colleague Jay was in charge, she brought her dressing gown and slippers, loved the gown, especially what it had written on the back: Grumpy but Gorgeous!

It is also the National Year of Reading, there is lots of suggestions on the official site: and lots of challenges to get you reading. And yes, reading blogs does count!

It has been one of those horrible 'long' days, when the clock seems reluctant to move. We almost reached breaking point when two wallies started playing music on opposite side of road, one had an accordian the other an oboe, only problem was they knew ONE tune! Eventually the Betting Shop staff called the police to have them moved on...

Was really glad to get home, back was really painful and I was hobbling around all day. But on return home - Yippee at last my parcel from QVC (5 to 7 days delivery they promise.... more like ten days!) Parcel was my cropadile - so you can guess what I'll be playing with tomorrow! Didn't buy anything interesting on Tuesday, just ordered some more sticky dots (did like that QVC reduced the price to beat C&C). Rest of the stuff they were showing didn't tempt me at all, not even the TSV which didn't do anything to tickle my craft buds. In fact it seriously disappointed me, more like crafting by numbers. I know it had bits that you could the personalise, but didn't see the point of having a kit that thousands of others also had, so all would be making the same cards.... or was I missing the point? I did a straw poll on my craft group, and found I wasn't the only one left unimpressed by it, not even the selling point of it being a good kit for beginners swayed us. None in my little craft group started off with an easy to make kit, in fact some had gone the long way round, using wrapping paper to make decoupage!

I did like the designs in the kit, but wasn't prepared to spend good money on it. Pity they'd not just offered the designs as punch outs, some card stock and left the rest to us. Proof I guess that you can't please everyone. Hey ho, there is another 2 hour slot on Saturday, 8 to 10 pm, for International Women's Day.

Now got a whole week off.... :-))

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