Tuesday, 25 March 2008

I wish them the karma they are due..

Puddled by my title? Let me explain. Got to work today and I felt that my dearest colleague wasn't her usual happy self, and I was right. Last Thursday she checked her account online and found that it had been cleared... her card had been cloned and the stupid Halifax had allowed a moron to go on a huge shopping spree in this country and in Eire! At one point the Halifax did stop one request for £600 but failed to contact her or stop the card, so the spree went on. She'd checked her statement, and it plainly shows very unusual activity, the very thing that is supposed to alert banks to fraud. Just to rub salt into the wounds the Halifax fraud squad does not work over Bank Holidays, mmmm, maybe they should tell the theives this, then the thieves could also take a break over bank holidays! Have you ever heard of anything so bloody stupid! She has contacted a few of the websites where her card was used, mostly online betting sites - supposedly all secure sites, all have broken the law by paying the winnings to another card - something I wasn't aware of, but her husband is as he is a bookmaker. The only place her card was out of her sight was in a Weatherspoons hotel in Birmingham, where she says the receptionist took a very long time to take the card details - so you have been warned: don't let your card out of your sight. Oh and the Halifax will not be prosecuting anyone... typical, fraud like this costs you and I billions each year and yet the banks just write it off! I hope the nasty individual who did this gets their just desserts, and in triplicate.

I'm going to make her a RAK card tomorrow, got a sheet of decoupage of her favourite dog: The Westie! Not much I know, but hopefully it will let her know that someone does give a damn. One more bit of the rant: when will our justice system start delivering justice, I don't want maximum sentences for the ne'er do wells, I want minimum sentences and for the full sentence to be served, with rehabilitation - as I do believe it works. Well for the majority anyway, the downright rotten can go rot.

Posted pic of inside of waterfall card... was going to scan rest of it, but all plugs are engaged in charging things - why does stuff all run down at the same time? Got toothbrush plugged in one socket, phone in another, Ipod in computer... battery charger charging batteries.... wonder if I can plug meself in for a recharge? Perhaps not...

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