Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I give up...

Last night I uninstalled and then reinstalled DesignMaster as suggested by graphtec... got the numbers I needed, then applied for a change of license. All went smoothly, until tonight... got my new license, could I hope that it would work? I installed it as per instructions... opened DM, typed out Happy Birthday and... DM closed down, said it was lacking a security device!!!!!!!

This saga has been going on since beginning of February, I've so far had four new license files (sorry Cazzy, went back to count them properly) and none have worked. I've owned a computer since 1987, I consider myself to be computer literate to a medium to high level, have installed software, TV cards, memory, other stuff... all without any bother. I've set up websites, used HTML... and in the very early days of computing even wrote my own mini programs. So I am not a dunce when it comes to IT, yet I feel that graphtec have been very patronising... sometimes implying that I am at fault. Since I managed to install DM on my old PC without any bother, then I know darn well that I am not at fault.

Be wary of buying this program, it is a pain to reinstall should you need to either upgrade to a new PC or perform a full reinstall of your old PC.

Rant over, but you can imagine how I feel, having paid good money, in good faith, for a program that is now useless! Grrrrrrrr


Cazzy said...

Mine seems to be sorted now Cass, got the second licence file today after being asked to provide a machine number and so far so good, opened a file, even drew a terrible new bunny, and pretended to cut and no error messages! Got to work out how to use it now!

Cass said...

Hi Cazzy, I have just been asked to send them the same numbers.... thing is, I did send them a few weeks ago! Vikki is trying her best to help me, so I'll bear with her for a few more days.

Glad to hear yours is now working. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!