Sunday, 30 March 2008

A lovely day

For some reason I woke up at 2 a.m., rather make that 3 a.m. as the former is when the clocks leap forward. I used to like it when I was on nights and was on duty when the clocks moved on an hour...

Fell back asleep and came to around 7.30, so had breakfast in bed - very decadent! But then got up and at them, didn't want to miss the opportunity of a walk along the beach in the lovely sunshine. Was down on beach really early, so it was nice and quiet, well it was until one plonker decided to go razzing on his motorbike... he was riding ever closer to where the quicksand was.... sadly he just avoided it, tho he must have annoyed someone as the beach patrol came roaring down and got him! I once watched, transfixed, as a Ford Anglia drove on to the beach, think I was about 8 or 9, heard my dad say: what an idiot. Next thing the Ford Anglia has parked up, couple have got out (luckily) and are busy posing next to their new car, didn't last long as car began to sink ever so slowly... owner panicked, a few other men tried to help but it was a lost cause, car was gone - probably still there! In the end I managed a 4 mile walk, mostly due to my Ipod, had all my Carpenter's tracks on it, love Karen Carpenter's voice... liquid gold, so listening to her I just kept on plodding along till I got to Crosby! Course you do forget, that how far you walk is how far you have to walk back. So everything is now complaining. Staggered back home and made myself a well earned bacon butty, and relaxed for an hour with the sunday papers and crosswords. I am a crossword fiend, and I've also got into cryptic crosswords. I must do at least 3 crosswords a day, plus alpha puzzles. Oh forget sudoko, am rubbish at maths.... hate even thinking about it. Took a humungus effort to get my city and guilds maths certificate to get into uni, then daft tutor suggested I try for the Math GCSE... I quit after 2 months, poor brain was fried. Much prefer words, English lit/lang is my forte... could be why I did an English Lit degree!

After lunch I thought about my crafting, more cards or scrapbooking... scrapbooking won. Flicked thru the stash of photos and found this one of my mum with Joe, her great grandson, tho he is now a very grown up 4. Since photo was 'green' I went with a green theme. Used the Sarapapers Seasons book, found some plainish green paper, along with a lovely patterned one, used the latter to mat the photo, attached that with some eyelets using the cropadile. Then what... so had a rummage, found some flowers, then some leaves, then a pretty bumbly bee, and a flutterby, rummaged a bit more, found some felt flowers... stuck them all on, then added a bit of lace along to and bottom, added 'Two Peas in a Pod' and that was that, time for tea.

Oh, tea was spaghetti hoops on toast... you can't beat a junk food Sunday! Back to the healthy stuff tomorrow, tho I did have a banana, and had porridge for brekkie.

Now need a cuppa.

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