Sunday, 9 March 2008

A funny old weekend

Woke up yesterday feeling decidedly ugh.... by lunchtime I felt worse, and as if I wanted to be sick... luckily that passed, but felt so dreadful I just went back to bed for a couple of hours, felt better, but tucked myself up in bed at 8pm. Felt very fortunate not to have spent the day in the 'Jane', as it was called on C&L (Cagney & Lacey for the ignoramuses). But the 24 hour bug put paid to me doing the prep work for my favourite TV scrap page...

The clue as to what it will be is in the pic... Cagney & Lacey, tho everyone else thinks I'm going to do CSI! So had to do all the prep work today. Thought it would just take an hour or so.... it took me nearly all afternoon to source some photos, then make up a film strip using adobe, then cut the letters using the Robo. And let's NOT mention DM! I had been planning to chuck Design Master in the bin, in spite of the new licence file they sent me, the stupid thing still wouldn't work! They sent me a new licence... so today I thought I'd give it one more shot... why did I bother, it still won't work! The dumb site says it wants the number on the CD... what number?! There isn't one! I've applied again (Lord knows why) for a change of licence... 3rd time lucky? If not they can have it back - and I'll have my money back as it is not 'fit for purpose'.

Anyway, got all my photos of C&L, did the film strip... just got to print it all out and then start the best bit - putting it all together! In 1991 I visited LA and got to go round the studios where they'd filmed C&L, the Jane was still there, as was the squad room, sadly the Lacey apartment had been dismantled, Cagney's loft was still recognisable. The studios were just a converted warehouse, in Lacey street! Cagney's apartment did have two real windows. Funny seeing it all. They did most of the filming in LA, they only spent a few weeks in NY, the rule apparently was when they filmed in LA: don't point the camera skywards! The Hispanic area doubled for a lot of NY scenes, or so the guide told us. Later in the same trip I (along with 16 others) had dinner with Sharon Gless - and she paid. A very generous lady. We went to a restaurant called El Cholos... had no idea at the time where it was exactly, we just got there by cab.... fast forward to 2004.... there I am, with two friends, on a bus headed to Hollywood, from Santa Monica and I spot El Cholos, on Wilshire boulevard. Funny in 1991 our American friends seemed eager NOT to hang round the area too long... in 2004 it was perfectly safe.

Now shall I start printing or.... well the forecast is for foul weather tomorrow.... mmm. Need a glass of wine, then I'll start the printing!

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Cazzy said...

Hi Cass, thanks for your comment! Do you think they will do a refund, I think it will come to that!

I hope you feel better now, I had a bad week and had to go home from work on Friday and lay down and sleep!