Friday, 21 March 2008

Freezing Friday

Was far too snuggly in bed this morning to want to get up... the sun was shining, but oh was it cold!!! Think we escaped most of the nasty stuff, guess there is always tomorrow.

Had a nice surprise last night, was channel hopping and found that QVC were having a 3 hour spring craft show! Er, what would have been wrong with having it today! They must think all us crafters are night owls or summat. Managed to keep the eyes open till midnight... tho there was mostly decoupage and peel offs. All got a bit samey.

Today decided to have a bash at the LMC comp on the CB site. Had an idea in my head, and wanted to incorporate some paper folding, Easter basket seemed appropriate! Used the orange and yellow cards, used the yellow for the basket, used the compass cutter to cut out the handle, and round off the bottom. Then cut up the other yellow and orange card to make the weave... used the sticky dots to fix it all together. Then used all the eggs, and a spray of flowers, then added a little flutterby! Pic is posted on CB forum. There's already some gorgeous and clever entries.

Next I made another flower fold card, chose the one above, reminds me a little of Lotus flower, liked the minty green look... attached the flower to the mat card using a jewelled brad (memo to me - get more jewelled brads!), then attached the mat/flower to a mat of green mirri card, added the sentiment, then well, it 'needed' something.... was tempted to add a butterfuly, but as I flicked thru my peel off folder came across the dragon fly... stuck the peel off to some white patterned card, cut round him, then used my H2O's to give some iridescence to his wings.

Had a bit of time left before I had to start cooking dinner... so started a decoupage card of a mischievous cat... he just needs to be finished off properly.

All in all a lovely day, far better than yesterday. Did wonder if anyone turned up at library expecting it to be open... ! I can never believe that people queue up outside the library well before opening... why? There is one chap who is there every morning without fail, he almost knocks you over as he rushes in, desperate to get to the computer in the ref room... when he gets there he settles himself down, gets out his very expensive headphones, then sits and listens to loads of music... he's done this for the last two years, he is fit and able, and of working age... Another regular gives us all the creeps, he looks decidedly creepy, and spend his time in the most awful sex chat rooms.... I've caught him a few times looking at porn... he just makes my flesh crawl. He's been coming for four years... spends all day in these chat rooms, he is a young man, again is fit/healthy and more than capable of working.... yet he chooses to sponge off the rest of us. The nicest people are the Poles, they come in to either organise flights to get home for breaks, or to keep in touch with their families, they are unfailingly polite and make every effort to learn our lingo. They also work incredibly hard, putting to shame the bone idle Brits.

Not sure what to do tomorrow, feel the need to go to a craft shop... guess the weather will decide. Do need to go get mum and Easter egg.


Martine said...

oh hun your card is gorgeous, i love the color theme.

Cass said...

Thanks Martine, it was due to some serendipity, card just happened to match the flower.


Max said...

Love that minty green Cass ... and always leave here with a smile adter reading about the characters you meet in your daily life. Wonder if anyone who visits here recognises themselves LOL!?

Cazzy said...

The dragonfly is perfect with the lily, and I love the lily!

Did you PM me on CB, or is there another Cass? If there is she thinks I am another Cazzy to the one she knows!