Monday, 24 March 2008

Save me from dozy drivers!

I had to venture out today, first to get some bulbs for new light fitment in kitchen, it has been up for four weeks and one bulb blown already! So off to Homebase, that was painless, then had a wonder about going to The Range, needed some stuff to make another engagement card. Not impressed by The Range, but it was the only option as I need the stuff... so off I went, only to hit queues of bank holiday drivers! Grrrrr.... one wally decided to sit and stare at a green light till I blasted him with the horn. Then on a fast stretch of road there they all were, tootling along like they were the only ones on the road. Think blood pressure went thru roof when I got to Southport and found long queue of dozy types seemingly wondering how to negotiate roundabout. There was obviously a dozy driver convention on somewhere near Southport as that is where they were all heading.

Got to Range and... yes, was disappointed. They had zip, had to make do with some peel offs, was hoping for some nice dangly blingy things - not a hope in that shop. It is the last time I bother. Had to rummage to find some 12x12 card, needed to make waterfall cards, finally found some buried under pile of other stuff. Picked up Do Crafts mag... considered hoofing it over to independent craft shop, but by this time I was too fed up, and too hungry... besides all the dozy drivers had got out of their cars and were now being dozy pedestrians. So headed home, luckily the dozy drivers had disappeared, so those of us driving were able to drive at the national speed limit, we only had to contend with one suicidal biker who seemed determined to kill himself by weaving dangerously in and out of the traffic, then weaving his way thru, at speed, at the traffic lights, he nearly came a cropper at one set.

So spent afternoon making waterfall card, well after the blood pressure had eased. Not entirely happy with it, used the sheet of sticky dots to attach a couple of things, but they made everything sticky - may have to start again with the mechanism bit, well a couple of the flippy things. You can see how technically crafty minded I am!

I'm in a umpty mood, got work tomorrow, ugh, and double ugh. Only saving grace is that I finish at 4pm! Oh and I have chocolate.... still got 2 and a half eggs left from my triple egg... er, make that 2!

Oops, forgetting my manners... thanks for the lovely comments. Anyone thinking about blogging, stop thinking and start... just sit down, place fingers on keyboard and... waffle to your hearts content :-))

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