Sunday, 16 March 2008

Funny old day

For some odd reason woke up at 2.30 a.m., ah the mysteries of the menopause... and why you have to suffer a hot flush at some unGodly hour! But you do... but my 'wake up' resulted in me making a cuppa, and tuning in to last bit of the QVC craft bit... tho still wondering which plonker thought it a good idea to show craft between midnight and 3 a.m.! Obviously a sadist. Dawn looked half dead, and desperately wanting to crawl into bed... can't remember what they were showing, then they showed the TSV... what! It was a joke -right? I thought I'd dreamt it, then I checked it on the website, nope, i was all those paints and stuff... guess they've still got lots of it it stuck in the warehouse. It was totally uninspiring, okay for painters, but they'd said it was a craft TSV, and sorry, craft to me means stuff like card making, scrapbooking, not watercolour painting. Not a lot else grabbed me either.

So after my little sojourn to QVC, I fell fast asleep till 6 a.m., had tea and toast and went back to sleep again til 9ish. Dragged myself out of bed, wanted to go for a walk, since the Beeb had got the forecast badly wrong... for us they had given rain all over the weekend... WRONG! We got just a few spots yesterday, a bit during the night, but the day light hours were fine and mild. Was a bit windy, but I ploughed on along the beach, noticing that the council had half cleared the walkways, well a few of them, but left all the damn litter strewn along the beach... I am sick of lazy people, bout time they discovered what litter bins are for! I never saw one bit of litter on Venice/Santa Monica beaches... not a bit! Not even a tide line... that was swept away every morning before us early morning types hit the beach for our walk. Did note one litter picker, going at such a fast pace I doubt he noticed the litter strewn around. ? I did note that the old boat house/club had been flattened... big deal, should have been done years ago. Some overly modern and horrible looking thing is set to replace it... note to Sefton Council, it would help if you kept the marina clean, removed all the graffiti, put in toilets and refreshment, picnic areas.... sometime soon would be nice!

Tucked into a well earned bacon butty on return home, did crossword - need to get the brain working. Then got out all the stash I bought yesterday! Where to start.... wasn't sure, so began with some flower folding, pic will be uploaded tomorrow! It was easy, just followed the lines, those to be folded, those to be cut... matted flower onto pearlescent card, and added some lace. But needed to get brother's birthday card done, so back to Jolly Nation.... see lap top man... lots of cutting, lots of 3D foam, and I then used my new Happy Birthday stencil, with embossing paste... then cut it out and stuck it on. Had a stab at one of the screen cards, not very happy with results, got a half hearted 'that is nice' off mum... but was first effort. Plan to decorate other side of it... got an idea... watch this space. Then went back to waterfall card, decided to play with new peel off marker pens, almost there... just is taking longer to colour what bits I want coloured... and then using other bits to go back in... you will eventually see what I mean when it is finished.

Still got to play with H20's, and other bits. But not back at work till midday Tuesday. Hating the thought of it!

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