Thursday, 13 March 2008

This and that....

A nice calm day, so gave the car a treat - she is all clean and shiny, even the inside got the treatment. Okay so it is now raining, sods law!

And my stuff from acard4u came - wow that was quick! I always forget what order, so when the parcel does arrive it is always a nice surprise. Inside were the Jolly Nation decoupage, on seeing them realised I should have ordered more from the men's range... forgot that my two nephews have birthdays coming up in April and May - shucks, will just have to go order more stuff! Also got some pretty pink 12x12 card, that is for the baby exploding box, can't do much more than make the box, it will eventually contain scans and photos of the new baby. It's for a friend at work who'll be a grandmother in June, she's collecting the scans... but also wants some first pics to go in the box. Got some pretty baby stuff as well. And some art deco stickers, they're gorgeous, can't wait to play with them. May use them on a waterfall card... or box... mum likes art deco... oh good an idea for her birthday!

Oh and my sticky dots and sheets arrived. Was thinking of schlepping up to cardcraftplus, which is in Preston, may go on Saturday. It's my birthday tomorrow, as usual family have been instructed to give craft stuff/vouchers or just the money.

Have put up my scrapchallenge page, my favourite TV show... think all were expecting CSI! Wanted both a hard and soft look to the page, well one of the tags was: talk tough and wear pink. So pink became the theme, with blue to represent the NYPD. Also would have liked some lace, but didn't have any, so made do with some that was on a 12x12 page which I just cut out. Think I could have done better, but was in a bit of a 'blahhhh' mood. As in out of inspiration, and feeling miffed that I still have no licence files from graphtec - how long does it take! Really wanted to use DM to make the lettering - but can't as it won't work without the licence files.

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