Saturday, 22 March 2008

I spotted a snowflake!

It happened at 5pm, suddenly there were snowflakes falling.... then.... it stopped! Hadn't had any snow this year, be nice just to have a light sprinkling off the stuff over the weekend.

I like Saturdays, it is junk food day... tonight we had pizza and chips, followed by rhubarb pie and custard, and all made by someone else.

Well there was nothing else to do today but craft, far too horrible outside to venture anywhere. Decided to get on with an exploding box, I had gone for a purple and silvery white colour combo, but didn't like it, so switched the purple for pink... much better. Got most of it done, spent most of the time cutting stuff out and then doing some dry embossing. All it needs now is a few finishing touches, need somehow to work out how to make a mini vase.... probably get the idea in the middle of the night!

Pic is of my Easter basket, my effort for the LMC challenge on the CB forum - but there are lots of lovely cards already entered. Amazing to see all the different ideas using the same stuff. Good luck to all. Glad I don't have to decide.

I've made bag cards before, but wanted to make a basket, and wanted to incorporate some paper weaving. The scan has muted the colours a bit, I did use the yellow and orange cards, but the scan made the orange more of a tan colour. The paper weaving reminded me of making ice lolly stick rafts when I was a kid, then we'd race them in the large pond in the park. Back to the card, then I added the eggs, stacking them randomly, found a spray of flowers amongst the die cuts, and then added the lacy ribbon around the handle and base, for a finishing touch I added a flutterby.

Will finish off box tomorrow, and maybe indulge in some scrapbooking, got a new cat pic, could end up as a surprise for someone on the CB forum!

Now off to see if there are any crisps, just feel in a munchy mood.

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Max said...

Good Luck with your entry to the LMC challenge. I'm always a bit overwhelmed with the level of talent a CB but decided to bite the bullet this time and enter too.

You have a little something waiting for you at my place ... just copy and paste the link: