Saturday, 15 March 2008

Gone shoppin

I hate normal type shopping, but love craft shopping. Armed with a dangerously large amount of birthday money I headed off to Cardcraftplus, which is based in Preston, a mere 31 miles away.

Set off at 11.05... bear that in mind! Armed with catalogue, that had directions for shop.... traffic was light on motorway, was in Preston at about 11.50.... so far sooo good, figured I'd soon be in shop spending money. Following directions we... got lost. Well not lost exactly, but CCP had sent us on a wild goose chase, the directions had not been written very well... realised we were on wrong road, did u turn, got back on track, still no sign of CCP, stopped to ask a young couple if they could direct us, they were lovely but they were also Polish! Bit further on spotted young chap, stopped and asked him, he was just a student, lived in area but didn't know it very well... spotted a B&Q, figured that might be staffed with locals... luckily security guard helped out. But still no sign of CCP, even tho we were now in the right street, it was supposed to be by an electrical store, only there were two of them.... made another U turn, and finally spotted CCP tucked back from road... !!

Fortunately they had a tea/coffee machine and a place to sit, so mum settled herself down with a cup of coffee while I went shopping. Can't fault them on the wide choice they had, or the fab products, could have shopped til I dropped, but one thing blighted the experience, the unfriendly staff. I spotted one wandering around, but she was definitely NOT interested in helpign anyone, as for the girl on the till.... well she was swamped, obviously tired and fed up... I of all people know how hard it is to keep smiling when dealing with the public, but you do, and generally people in craft shops are a darn sight more pleasant than the ungrateful yobs I encounter in the library. My happy mood was fast disappearing, then a lovely lady helped boost it, I was on my second way round of shop (like to go round once, then go back and have a proper mooch), she saw me looking at some paper folding kits, so she stopped to chat... she made my day. She told me what to do with the kits, how to fold them, and to use chalks/pastels on the edges, and get some nice brads for the centres. Noticed that mum was now chatting to someone's DH... so she was content.

What did I buy... take a look at the pic! Lots and lots, lady behind me in queue gasped when the assistant said what it had all come to.. so I explained I was spending my birthday money. Hopefully in the next few days you'll see some of the creations.

After the shop mum and I were desperate for food and the loo, and in reverse order. I decided to head down the A59, hoping to spot a few pubs on way so we could stop and get fed and watered. We found one almost as we turned on to A59, so had an enjoyable lunch, then headed for home - and oddly enough it was quicker down the A59 than on the motorway.

I had been thinking of venturing up to Dawn Bibby's shop... not so sure now. There are directions on her site, but I think I've had it with naff directions. Those that put them together should do so thru the eyes of total strangers... so make note of useful landmarks, cos as my mum pointed out had CCP said to turn right by a Tool shop then we'd have found it much faster. And Preston Council could also help out by putting street names on both sides of street, and not just on one!

Shattered but very content.... full of beef and ale pie!

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