Friday, 28 March 2008


Yes tis Friday, seemed odd to be in work on a Friday, it has been my day off for the last 3 years. Not sure if I like my new rota or not, like that I get to escape at 2 pm, hate that it means I have to come in four days instead of 3.

Decided to have a bash at the LGC challenge, didn't want to make a card, so dragged up a blast from the past. Many, many moons ago I was a keen paper folder, or origamist (if that it the right word!), can remember a few folding techniques, but one that has always stuck with me was the box. The LGC stash came up trumps with the lovely reddish pink paper, needed the two tone for the folding of the corners. It looks complicated, in fact my guess is that you have sort of made this when you were a child, remember those things that you used to open and close, then lift the flap to see what the answer was? Well the box is folded along those lines, except that you turn it into a box with a few extra folds. Think it would be easier if I posted photos of the folds, will try to do that tomorrow. Had I not been limited to just using the LGC stash I'd have added a little bit of lace to it, instead I added the peel off hearts. Also made a heart on a stick, took two pieces of card, stuck them together, stuck the peel off on to some of the silver paper, sandwiching the pieces of card in between, then took one of the small circles, found the centre, then cut it, turned it into a cone. The boxes are great for keeping stuff in or giving them as gifts filled with chocs! I also made one with some thin card, but paper is better as it is easier to fold, if you do attempt one try to use two tone paper.

Also realised reading the LGC thread that my mag was missing the sticky bubbles, and also found when exploring the paper and card that the silver paper had been torn, and for some reason best known to the packer (I guess) they'd attempted to repair it with parcel tape. So I had a piece of silver paper with a strip of parcel tape down the back! A few years ago I was one of those people who used to pack the stuff into magazines and other stuff, it is horrible work, piece work, so the faster you work the more you earn... I did get up a good speed, but it was sooooooo boring! So it doesn't surprise me that mistakes are made, imagine spending all day stuffing things into magazines, which have to be done in the right order - and knowing that unless you hit a certain target you won't earn a great deal. At my old Craft Central shop, one of the staff told me that they had to put all the goody bags together, so again, not surprising that at times stuff got left out, tho they did try to ensure that they were all packed properly, and they did their best to make sure no-one took stuff out. I think people who steal from shops, or take the freebies from magazines are low life... they are thieves.

Not sure what I'll be doing over the weekend, feel a hankering to get back to some scrapbooking. Must also get going on my new forum, not even managed to post anything yet!
Have a good weekend all. And thanks for dropping by.

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