Saturday, 1 March 2008

Busy Day

Was up, out and at 'em by 10.30 a.m., a record for me on a Saturday, normally I just laze around. But had to get out early and hit the shops in search of a Mother's Day present. I had in mind buying mum a Pam Ayre's CD or DVD, but couldn't find any new ones... so fell back on the tried and tested and went to M&S. Saw a nice cardi, one she could wear for posh occasions as well as every day. She'll kill me if she finds out how much I spent on her! Then, miracle of miracles I saw two nice tops, one a T shirt affair, the other a nice shirt, so grabbed them while I could. I've hated what all shops have had to offer in tops for the last few months, a right motely assortment of hippy dippy blouses, or tightly fitting shirts.... Now just need a few pairs of new trousers.

Was hoping to pick up a few bits and bobs craft wise, but blow me WH Smiths were moving everything around, so they had lots of blank spaces where stuff should be, only it was packed into trolleys... seemed dumb to me to start something like that at the weekend! So to Papermill, who seemed to have abandoned Do Crafts, well I couldn't see any evidence of any Do Craft stuff, not even a goody bag, and they had a demo last week. So I only bought a new piercing tool, my current one is decidedly wonky, and some ribbons. That was it, was all I could find. The owner said she was reorganising the shop, I'm hoping it improves, else it will be internet shopping for me from now on. If I had a few grand going spare I'd open a craft shop, the area is crying out for a decent, well stocked craft shop. It was tho a rare day, I'd spent more on clothes than craft stuff!

Also got a book, and two craft mags... got Papercrafts as I fancied the freebie, ten templates in a swatch book - very neat. The other was my scrapbook mag, which has a nifty idea for making metal letters - will be having a go very soon!

Finished making my first card using the LMC stash, the star card, first time I've made one from scratch. Have started another, but only based on something, saw one of the projects had used ribbon but threaded thru the card, that got the juices going. Amazing how time flies when you are crafting, one minute it was 2 pm, next it was time to start cooking dinner. A junk food dinner, sausage and chips! Tho they were posh sausages!

Off to Wales tomorrow, not my idea... would prefer to be staying at home. Typical, QVC have a craft slot on a Sunday, and where will I be, eating bloody sunday lunch in Wales. Am annoyed, as had my mother NOT called my sister I very much doubt that the invitation would have been forthcoming. Also miffed that my sister forgets that I am NOT our mother's taxi service. She chucks out these invites, and thinks mum and I are joined at the hip.... no we aren't. If it weren't Mother's Day then my sister would have been told to come and get mum. I'm going to have a few words with her tomorrow. I treasure my weekends, they are the only time I get to really indulge in any crafting, so I get really irritated at being expected to give up my own stuff so my sister can salve her conscience.

Off to finish unfinished card...

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Cazzy said...

I love the card Cass, haven't tried a waterfall one yet!

I don't think there is a goody bag for the latest Do Craft Demo, just that folder with peeloffs that you can buy for £9.99, which they are selling on their site anyway. I won't be buying it!