Wednesday, 5 March 2008

DIY Wednesday

No crafting, just much DIY - was thinking of taking a pic of my handy work, all done with my new electric drill! I installed an intercom system - fortunately the work did not include any wiring, just a case of drilling holes, screwing bits and bobs in and then plugging it in. And it works!

Had to install it for mum, she's not too good at the moment, awaiting a hip operation. Our front door is down a flight of stairs, and it takes her ages to negotiate them, often callers such as postmen won't wait.... ! So the system hopefully be useful, at least the caller will know mum is on her way. Only a mini moan about posties, they have a tough job, and I don't often complain, and I guess this is aimed more at their stupid management with their targets etc... but it does annoy me when they deliver a parcel, wait for a few seconds, stick card thru the door then shoot off... I actually caught one postie exiting the path with my parcel, he had shoved the card thru the door and quickly made his getaway. I explained to him nicely that I lived in an upstairs flat, that it does take even me more than ten seconds to get down the stairs. He took it in good humour, but I was annoyed, especially since they have closed our local sorting office, so if I miss the parcel post I have to drive 4 miles to the nearest sorting office to get my goodies.

Pic: The Sunset Years, made it last year for my BiL, but then found I was a year early, so he will get it this year, tho he did retire early on 1st Jan. I used a papernation seniors kit, covered the card with vellum, then added the decoupage, then used some scrapbook letters to add the title.

Back at work today.... only a lunch time shift. That was enough! Ever had that feeling that you are somewhere you really don't want to be? That was how I felt, longing to be anywhere but where I was, stuck at work. And stuck with a bad back, which has been like this for 20 years, well not like 'this', as it has got worse over the last few months. I was coping fine with it, doing my pilates, watching my diet... then all of a sudden it decided to take revenge. Driving is really painful, in fact doing anything is painful. Even the DIY... but that had to be done. Had a chat with boss, and have altered my hours, so I'm not going to be working full days, but will have to go back to doctor and see what is going on.

One more day of work, then a week off. Car has to be taken in to be fixed after wally bumped into it, the rear passenger door - annoyed about that, really annoyed. Means I am going to be without car for a whole weekend! However, car fixer has been told to also deal with a rusty bit near window, car pranger will be paying for that, as recompense for my inconvenience.

Now off for cuppa and to catch up on last night's CSI - missed beginning, so need to know what the heck Warwick was getting up to.

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Cazzy said...

Sorry to hear your back is worse Cass, I have been having problems too, was dragging my leg painfully behind me since Tuesday, had pain all of left side, went to Pilates anyway but didn't do it all, and had extra Osteo session yesterday but feeling rough since.

You were right about DM, found licence file and copied it from backup of emails, but it keeps insisting I should install a security dongle then it shuts down! Did you have that?