Sunday, 23 March 2008

Not even a bit of snow :-(

Guess you shouldn't moan at waking up to a sunny day, but felt a bit robbed - not even a bit of snow! Just a light layer would have sufficed.

Tramped over to paper shop, picked up soggy paper, put it down, picked up next paper, it was soggy ... er... ? They were all soggy. So took soggy sunday paper home and... ironed it dry! Did think about going for a walk, but it was a tad too cold and far too windy... I am a fair weather walker.

So there I was planning my crafting over a sausage butty when... my niece phone and yelled down phone: I'm engaged! They've only been dating since school... LOL. But at last he has popped the question. So then mum asks me to make her a 'congratulations' card or something, preferred the 'something' angle... been making loads of cards lately. So got set to make an exploding box... had to decide between using one of the kits I got last weekend, or starting from scratch... went with the kit, got two of them, a pretty pink patterned die cut with silver edging, and flowers, thought I'd save the bigger version for whenever the wedding is. So outside of box sorted, but how to decorate inside? Ooer, suddenly realised I am very, very, very, very.... short on engagement/wedding stash. Fortunately managed to find a sheet of silver peel off hearts which I stuck on to some silvery pearlescent card then cut round them, bit more of a rummage, went with two chipboard letters, M for Mark and S for Suzanne... recoloured them with silver paint, added some clinking cup charms and then some spangly blingy bits. Used the leftover bits from die cuts as a mat, and used some pink card to cover the pattern but leaving the silver showing, used some faux pearls to act as faux brads. Then used the strip that said 'especially for you' as a handle, final touch was the sentiment: To a Special Couple... Mum was delighted, now I have to go buy more stuff to make my own card! Ran out of time to finish off other exploding box... can only craft for so long before back starts protesting, well still got tomorrow.

Ended up with aching shoulder, so used TENS machine for half an hour, it worked luckily, but didn't work on lower back, that is still aching! Now trying the red wine cure, well either way I won't care what is aching.

Now must go see what I can get in way of engagement/wedding stuff... what's that? Try local craft shops... you must be joking! Haven't got a decent craft shop around here, got The Range, The Paper Mill and Hobbycraft, and one independent... and none are up to much. I do try my bestest to support the independent shop, but the layout of the shop is sooooo frustrating, it is a mish mash, stuff everywhere, and much of it buried under something else, so you have to rummage and rummage to find anything, that is once you've fought your way past the three swingers jam packed with peel offs, you can't swing them round as they are far too heavy, and they are plonked right next to door. I just wish the owner would rearrange the shop, it just needs a bit of thought, sure she'd do a lot more business as well. The Range is rubbish, well my branch is, full of the same stuff... as for Hobbycraft, it is on the expensive side, and cos they cater for all crafts there is nothing really different, or up to date in there.

Now got an Easter Egg to tackle... a triple egg... will keep me going for weeks! Hope the Easter Bunny visited you all and left lots of lovely choc.


Joani said...

Another master piece, lovely.. I keep saying I'll try one of these but still haven't - one day?? xx

Max said...

Just love your exploding box ... you made me laugh at the vision of you ironing your soggy paper dry LOL! Absolute class LOL!