Monday, 3 March 2008


At last, finally got to grips with a pop up card! Found an easy set of instructions in Papercraft Inspirations and set to. Took a while to cut everything, and a bit of fiddling with the path, and greenery... but got there in the end, and yes, it does POP UP! I then used my pastel set to stencil in some flowers on the front.

The card is for my niece, who is always moving! She has found a nice flat, tho this time she will be on her own, she's always shared before. She is in homemaking mood at the moment, she needs to buy a few bits and pieces, and some furniture. Got to make another, may use the key template I got with the new mag (NOT LMC, Papercraft Inspirations).

QVC made me laugh, they featured the pastel set I'd bought a few weeks ago, they were boasting in the show that it was 'back in stock', mmm, true, but it has been 'in stock' for quite some time! But it has been a good buy, they're so easy to use, and they really are 'non smear'. You do have to leave them to set for about five minutes before removing the stencil, but that's a good excuse to go make a cuppa. Nice to see Leonie doing the crafting, I like her, she is more my type of crafter, messy and chaotic. See that there is another Craft day tomorrow - and it is my day off!

Had to take the day off sick today, drove over to my sister's yesterday, my back is always a bit sore after driving for an hour, but this time it was really painful. I was dreading having to drive back. I didn't think it was a good idea to go to my sister's for mother's day, but mum wanted to go, but her arthritis is really bad, her hip operation can't come soon enough. So the pair of us were in agony by the time we got back home, and both paid for it dearly today. I was in no shape to go to work, I did wake up at my usual time, but the back said: NO. So I took a couple of painkillers and went back to sleep, intending to wake up at 9 a.m to phone work, instead they rang me at 9.30! Bless them, they were worried, as it isn't like me to not turn up, or not phone. Back as finally settled down, and luckily I have tomorrow off so can rest a bit more.

Not sure I would have gone to work anyway, mum was really in pain, worst I've seen her. Trouble is she is very independent, hates asking me to do stuff, so it is a case of walking on eggshells. Tho we had a laugh, since we were both hobbling around at one point. I told mum to use her ice packs, they help ease the pain - luckily she agreed to obey my instructions, and it worked a treat, she is now much better.


Martine said...

i saw this on the CB forum and thought it was fantastic, well done, if you take a trip to my blog there is a wee surprise for you hun

jamowa said...

This is a great card. Where did you get the instructions? This would be great for my niece's new home.
melody in Georgia, USA