Monday, 10 March 2008

Stormy Monday

There I was lying in bed thinking: what storm? So rolled over and went back to sleep, was woken a few hours later by a howling gale. Wondered whether to look to see if the ariel and roof were still attached... then luckily it calmed down, seems we were at the centre of it, so got off fairly lightly. Hope everyone else was safe.

Also got my car back from bodyshop... waited for pause in showers, then rang garage: car was ready. So whipped round there to get her. Panel beater had done a great job, no-one would know that she'd had a badly dented door... and bless him, he'd even take away a nasty rusty spot near the window for me at no extra cost. Not that I was paying, he even stuck to his quote, tho I'm sure it must have come to more than £180. Delivered bill to prangster, tho he wasn't in, had to pop over to 'lady who I clean for' house to get an envelope. She was on my side about price of repair, her husband was a bit er, reticent, tho he changed his mind when I said how much damage had actually been caused, far more than he or the prangster thought (they'd looked at in the pouring rain - and it was hard to see how much damage had been caused). I'll see what happens, bound to get an update on Friday when I go to clean... if prangster as much as moans then I'll bill him for my inconvenience! Prat.

Spent afternoon putting together all my stuff for my scrap page, needed to do quite a bit of cutting, then decided on a two page spread... more cutting, and more planning. Just printed out last of mini photos. So all is ready to go... Hopefully if all goes well then I'll have some pics to put up tomorrow.

Now off to explain to graphtec yet again that my DM does NOT HAVE a five number digit on the opening screen... jeez... how many more times!

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