Wednesday, 27 February 2008

And the earth moved

There I was, all cosy in bed, and... oooer... wasn't sure what happened, heard a rumble, felt something... and... turned over. Then woke up again at 4 a.m., as I've been doing for the last week! So made a cup of tea, and switched on News 24 - an earthquake, oh good, that explained the anxious feelings before. No, not good about earthquake, just needed to know why I'd felt so anxious and nervous. Had similar feelings before other stuff, the tsunami, and 9/11 - feeling really on edge, not able to settle to anything and then once its happened I settle down again. A university in the USA is studying the phenomen, they say human's are capable of picking up on stuff before it happens, quite an interesting study, they started it just before the death of Princess Diana.

Must now get to pic: from the Crafting mag, Let's Go Crafting... or summat like that. Well the card is from the kit, the rest was my idea! Used my tearing ruler to get the wavy edge, drew round ruler and then cut out wavy bit, used some of the paper in the kit, then added some ribbon.... then used up some flower peel offs, easy or what! Have come up with a few ideas for some proper crafting, feeling the urge to do some more involved stuff again, but can't get going till Friday. Got full day in work tomorrow :-(

Yep, oh to be a cat... what a life, sleep, eat, sleep, eat... what's to get stressed about?

Did some gardening today, haven't got a proper garden, what we have is tarmacked, so we plonked a lot of pots with various plants on it, but they were all in need of a tidy up, and some pruning. Well I was willing, my back objected, so I ignored it and carried on. Still got to do some serious hacking to a few plants... the clematis is in need of a good cut back, but it looks much better. Gave a few of the mini bushes a haircut. Glanced at car, which is in desperate need of a wash... she'll have to wait. All the gardening made me ravenous, so made a huge stir fry.

Caught up on a bit more of C&C's craft day... they made me laugh about the sticky dots... and the unsubtle references to QVC! C&C's stuff is just not my thing, watched one demo and thought: I'd get bored making that... it must have taken a good 20 minutes, and that was just putting it together, with all the bits prepared. Too involved, think it was a book card, a card with 3 other cards attached. Having said that think what really put me off it was that it was just too gaudy for me. Liked the lady demonstrating it, she seemed like a real laugh a minute type.


Cazzy said...

Nice card Cass! I did the same, watched a bit of C&C and couldn't stand it any longer!

My car needs doing, son has promised to do it in return for me using tesco points on vouchers for him!

Cazzy said...

Oh and earth didn't move for me, I did wake round the time but wasn't aware of anything happening!

Joani said...

haven't got a proper garden, well give me pots any day, much easier - than cutting, prunning, planting, de-bugging, weeding - I leave all that to DH. Thanks for your comment on my card, I like yours it is so fresh looking :):)xx