Wednesday, 6 February 2008

that makes 3 days of sunshine

It's been lovely waking up to find a blue sky, well okay, almost blue, but with the sun shining. So refreshing after last weeks terrible weather.

Got to work to find my boss in 'de-clutter' mode... this happens every 3 months or so, we know as we started to keep a diary. Had a feeling she was itching to have a go at 'our' desk, 'our' as in me and the other senior types desk, we are all slobbish, the desk is a mess... but that is how we like it and we can manage it. Sadly it drives our boss nuts, and every 3 months it gets to her! Only difference is that this time she included us in the de-clutter, normally she just de-clutters it! Luckily boss was almost at the end of her shift as I started mine, so didn't have to put up with too much lecturing on the tidying up stuff.

Photo - this is a card I made quite some time ago, a swap challenge card. Fairies was the theme... wasn't sure what to do till I remembered my See D's collection of stamps, it had some fairies on it! I stamped the images onto some blue card, used silver embossing powder, then cut roudn the image and mounted then with 3 D foam, onto some lovely star vellum... then found I had a stamp with a dictionary definiation of a Fairy, so stamped and heat embossed that, cut round it, put some black card behind the vellum, a few brads, blue card... finishing touch of some silver cord... and that lovely feeling when you know you've met the challenge!

Now got another one to meet... as usual I have some ideas, all of which I know I will either forget/ignore/contemplate and then ignore. Weeks will pass, deadline will be looming and... from somewhere a card will appear.

I know I shouldn't, but I do feel dissatisfied with my card making, think I really do need a shake up and a real challenge. Was flicking thru some scrapbook magazines and felt a bit down... thinking 'why didn't I think of that?' Got to sit myself down with the robo and Adobe and get to it.

Determination for this month: stop procrastinating and get on with it!

I wish tho I could split myself in two, one half of me to go off and do what I need to do with the robo/photoshop, the other half to sit contentedly crafting. But on friday I am spending the afternoon with the robo, me and it are going to produce things, and I'm going to do the same with photo shop, put the idea I have in my head on paper! Get it all cut out, and then go craft it.

One more day at work... a day spent with boss in de-cluttering mode... mmm could be a long day!

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