Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Feel as tho the 'Gods' are against me!

Had a horrible week. Had a hollow laugh at my horoscope that said I would be faced with many challenges this week - yeah, tell me about it. As usual we were understaffed at work, our boss seems impervious to the stress her staff are under and how it is affecting us all. We are supposed to have a minimum of 3 staff, this week we've had two plus the boss, who we can't count as she busies herself either doing her own mountain of paper work, or needless stuff. The end result is that us two staff start to crumble, we have five terminals on our counter, 3 phones, our average footfall per day is around 850 - far too much for two people to manage.

It is also half term, that means kids, and most are horrible. We do try our best to be reasonable with them, we ask them to do their best to behave, or at least not mess around too much. But this week they seemed intent on causing in mayhem, one came within an inch of being thumped by another customer (a normally mild mannered chap - and who later apologised to us for losing his temper). I was rather glad that he has lost his rag with them, cos they all legged it. I could have cheerfully thumped the lot of them. I would dearly have loved to have dragged in the idiot manager who had devised the challenging behaviour course, and let her put her theories to the test. Silly cow. I and my colleague tried various methods, including talking calmly to the ring leader attempting to appeal to his better nature, but he was intent on causing mischief, he is a spoilt brat - whatever the latest fashion is, he has it the moment it hits the shops, fancy trainers, fancy phone etc, he is 10 years old, and probably rules the roost at home. Over indulged, over spoilt and in my library... But the worst part is, our boss, who is at the best of times reluctant to exert any authority over any miscreant, and who invariably buries herself in her office at times of trouble. I told her we were having trouble, all but spelt it out in capital letters that I needed her to come out of her office and exert her authority... did she, did she heck. So I ended up stressed out, upset and fed up, feeling like I just wanted to hand in my resignation. I damn well would if I could. The icing on the cake was ... finding that my windscreen had been cracked, probably by a football... whose daft idea was it to sell heavy footballs to kids? I'd like to sue him. That meant a phone call to my insurance, arranging for a repair, and of course paying the excess. Grrrrrrrrr

Feel free to moan at me - but when exactly did children take over the world, when where they put at the centre of the universe? I feel sorry for most of them, they are barely literate, cannot think for themselves, are fast becoming used to getting their own way that when they do reach adulthood it is a shock to their system, suddenly they told they must conform, put up with it, get on with it... that life is not so comfy or tailored to their needs. The animal kingdom knows exactly how to bring up its offspring... pity we humans don't take lessons from them.

Moan over...

Pic - a card for friend, birthday card. It was part experiment, I used a stencil and the embossing paste to make the image, then I replaced the stencil, dabbed over it with a clear versamark pad, and then added enamel powder, and er, crossed fingers.... yeah it worked! I then cut out the image, took a plain oval aperture card, mounted image on pale blue pearlescent card, added ribbon - done. One teensy problem - made bow separately, and could I get it to stick onto ribbon? No... tried everything, silicon glue, sticky dots, doublesided sticky tape... what stuck it - super glue!

Got one more day at work, I say 'day' cos who knows how long I will last.... Probably make it till tea break... but if one horrible kid plays up.... he may find himself taking a flying exit out of the library.

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