Saturday, 16 February 2008

The weekend

Oh it is nice to laze in bed, not to have to get up and got to work... I had a thoroughly lazy day. Well morning! The only thing on my 'to do' list was get some sort of storage for my stash. Nothing in the Argos catalogue took my fancy, so after lunch I toddled off to the Homebase store in Southport, it is a much bigger store than our local one. I spotted a nice sideboard/drawer set, drawers had nice compartments in them, then I spotted the price - £169! No, no, no.... went round corner to storage department, saw large set of plastic drawers, perfick, and only £24.99, they are big enough to even take the paper cutter, and deep enough to take lots of stuff. Better still when I got to the check out I got another 10% off. At last I can get all my stuff sorted, instead of it being stored in boxes, in different rooms! Makes it a real pain when I come to craft, having to gather stuff, and more so when it come to putting it all away. Oh for a craft room!

Then decided to get the dreaded supermarket shop out of the way at the Tesco superstore. I really think someone should write a thesis on supermarket shoppers, there are so many different varieties. There are those, like me who make a list, who get in and get out, and who follow a route. Then there are those who just amble around, dithering, generally getting in the way of everyone else, then the other lot who hog the entire aisle, leave their trolley parked at awkward angles so you can't get past, and who taking their time choosing whatever cheese/butter etc... reading all the darn labels! There are the families, who treat it like a bloody outing - er why? Do you seriously think your children consider a day in a supermarket to be a treat? The mum is trying to shop, the kids are choosing what they want, dad is wandering around with the trolley annoying everyone else! It was double the usual stress as the store is twice the size of my local one... oh boy was I glad to get out of there.

But no crafting today :-( Pic is of a card I made for my great nephew, he was 5 yesterday, I passd on the invite to attend his party at the fun factory.... kids and pubs do NOT mix. And after the week I'd had with kids, the last thing I needed was to spend an afternoon with 20 5 year olds. Card was easy peasy, just a set of card toppers, arranged at my own fancy, used a pale blue pearlescent card to mat and layer, then added some ribbon (my bogof bargain from Hobbycraft), and some button type brads.

Will be crafting tomorrow, got three cards to finish, plus must stash my stash in its new home. Good forecast for tomorrow, so will be off for a walk along the beach, will take camera, may get a few interesting snaps. Got a mini idea for some scrapbook stuff... a case of watch this space!

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